Programs 2023-2024

Fall 2023

October 1

Tsun-yuet Emmanuel Kwok, cello with Mesquite Symphony Orchestra, Felix Torres, director

  • Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191 by Antonín Dvořák

October 15

Yongseok Kwon, piano – “Poetry and Song"

  • Fantasie in C major, op.15 (D.760) “Wanderer Fantasy” by Franz Schubert

  • Deuxième Année: Italia (Second Year: Italy), S. 161 by Franz Liszt

October 22

Sohyun Ahn, piano – “All Chopin Program” by Frederic Chopin

October 22

Sohyun Ahn, piano – “All Chopin Program” by Frederic Chopin

  • Waltz in D flat Major Op. 64 No.1 “ Minute Waltz”

  • Impromptu No. 1 in A flat Major Op.29

  • Etude in E major Op.10 No.3. “ Tristesse”

  • Etude in C sharp minor Op.10. No.4

  • Etude in F Major Op. 10 No.8

  • Nocturne in B flat minor Op.9. No.1

  • Nocturne in E flat Major Op.9 No. 2

  • Nocturne in C sharp minor Op. posth

  • Ballade No.3 in A flat Major Op.47

  • Ballade No. 4 in F minor Op. 52

November 5

Dallas Harp Society: Margaret Anne Gunter, harp

Suite for Harp by Benjamin Britten

Sonata in A Major K209 by Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata in F Minor K466 by Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata for Harp by Germaine Tailleferre

Sonata for Flute and Harp by Nino Rota

Spring 2024

February 4

Ivo Ivanov, violin and Leslie Spotz, piano

  •      Sonata in D major, Op. 9 No. 3, by Jean-Marie

  •      Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 100, by Johannes

  •      Caprice No. 3 “Labyrinth,” by Pietro Locatelli

  •      Five Melodies, Op. 35a, by Serge Prokofieff

  •      Deux Morceaux, by Lili Boulanger

  •      Introduction and Tarantella, by Pablo de Sarasate

February 11

Seonghun Jeong, piano

  •      Nocturne in c minor Op. 48 No. 1,
        By Frederic Chopin

  •     Piano Sonata No. 26 in E-flat Major Op. 81a,      "Les Adieux,”
        By Ludvig von Beethoven

  •     Piano Sonata No.1, by C. Vine

  •   Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004, by J.S. Bach and Busoni

February 18

Noe Garcia, classical guitar

  •     Baroque
    Two Baroque Pieces, by Domenico Scarlatti
    Sonata K. 177
    Sonata K.178

  • Trip to Latin America
     Uma Valsa e Dois Amores (Brazil), by   Dilermando Reis
     Tisú (Mexico), by Julio Cesar Oliva
     El Colibri (Argentina), by Julio Sagreras

  • 19th Century
      36 Caprices Op.20, by Luigi Legnani
        No. 28- Largo
        No. 31- Allegro

  • Sounds of Spain
     Recuerdos del al Alhambra, by Francisco   Tárrega
     Madroños, by Federico Torroba

  • Chamber Music
      Fandango Variado Op.16, by Dionisio Aguado
      I. Adagio
      II. Allegro vivace
                               with Laurel Ornish, castanets

  • Histoire du tango, by Astor Piazzolla
      II. Café 1930
      I. Bordel 1900
                              with Maria Vallejo, flute

February 25 2024

Texas Flute Society Members’ Recital

  • Canyon Dreams, by Phyllis Avidan Louke

                                              Flutes Unlimited
    Chris Cox (piccolo), Christian Loaiza, Tara Richter, Vicky Suarez, Lexi Roelke, Evan Wennerberg, Ann Moulding, Cecilia Hamilton (alto), Christine Cleary (alto), Rebecca Cauthron (Bass), Kathleen Holley (bass), Cheryl Stewart (Contrabass) Ellen Kaner, conductor
    Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano Op.86 (1998), by
    Nikolai Kapustin
    III. Allegro Giocoso

  •                                       Min Hee Kim, flute
                                         Hamin Kim, Cello
                                         Heesun Sunny Yun, Piano
    Three Duets, Op. 10, by Freidrich Kuhlau
    Duet No. 1: III. Allegro assai
                                          Gabriela Salinas and Erika Martinez,

    Yuhwa (The Goddess of the Willow Trees), by  Adolphus Hailstork
                                          Ivonne Davila, flute
    Ballade, by Frank Martin

  •                                        SungAe Song, flute,
                                           Sunny Yun, piano
    Be Still My Soul (2003), by Rhonda Larson
                                           Anaïs Ning, flute
    Memory for Solo Flute, by Chen Yi
                                         Celia Kang, flute
    Moonshine Ride, by Sangjin Kim

                                 Jeong Hoon Lee, flute
                                Jieun Lee, piano

March 3

EunAe Lee, piano

  •      Sonata No. 31 in Ab Major, Op. 110,
         by Ludwig van Beethoven

  •      Sonatine, by Maurice Ravel

  •      Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58, by Frederic Chopin

March 10

Dallas Asian Winds Flute Ensemble, Jeong Lee, leader


Sonata for Three Flutes, by Johann Joachim Quantz

                            Jiaqi Lindsay Li,

                             Yoojin Kim,

                            Seungmin Oh


Trios for Three Flutes, by Caspard Kummer

                            Seungmin Oh,

                           Jeong Hoon Lee,

                           Helen Haeun Kim,

                          Hyeyeon Kim


Quatuor for Flûtes, by Pierre Max Dubois

                         Jeong Hoon Lee,

                         Hyeyeon Kim,

                         Joo Chung,

                         Helen Haeun Kim


Floris for Flute Quartet, by Catherine McMichael

                       Hyeyeon Kim,

                       Jeong Hoon Lee,

                      Seungbeom Oh,

                      Hyunsu Yoon,

                      Jieun Lee


Three Korean Folks Songs for Flute Ensemble, by Kelly Via

            Jeong Hoon Lee, Conductor

                   Hyeyeon Kim,

                   Jiaqi Lindsay Li,

                  Joo Chung,

                  Helen Haeun Kim,

                  Seungmin Oh,

                  Yoojin Kim,

                  Seungbeom Oh,

                  Hyunsu Yoon

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Key Reminder

All concerts are FREE – No tickets/reservations are needed Sundays at 2 PM at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library First Floor Auditorium 1515 Young St, Dallas Programs and performer vitas are available as received.