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President's Letter

Greetings, Mu Phi friends!  

A friend who’d moved to Georgia a few years ago visited recently and sat by me at church. He has a lovely, strong tenor voice. We had four hymns that day—none a particular favorite—but each was a sweet treat. I noticed two things. Even in a simple hymn, a musician shapes the melody with emotion, stress and emphasis, support, and clarity. It isn’t a performance but an expressive profession of feeling. He did it all with such ease that his voice was natural even though obviously trained.

The second realization came later, however. I’m not a singer. Two major Texas music departments can assent, and have. Sitting with him, I didn’t become a great singer, but I did become a better one. The strength of a good voice lifted mine, and for a few seconds here and there, I could almost hear the blending of voices like Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. A tiny, tender gift that was, for someone not a singer.

I don’t like the word “lost.” We use it as a euphemism for the passing of a loved one, of course, but we also speak of lost time, opportunities, and a multitude of other things. Since March 2020, each of us has known of loss, the actual physical kind, of someone. Not in catastrophic numbers, perhaps, but real all the same. We wonder if things will ever be the same. They won’t. The music, and by that I mean the finest iteration of it, never went anywhere. We didn’t hear it as clearly, performed in favorite venues. We struggled to teach it or practice it even beyond the lost opportunities of performing it. But it stayed with us, in our hearts and minds.

Another friend many years ago, a voice teacher and neighbor, told me once that fine music is among the best gifts the world has to offer. As we begin another year in Mu Phi Epsilon chapter history, we can reflect on this great blessing and we strive to return to some of the things we used to do, in some of the ways we used to do them. And some things are better than ever! If you haven’t done so, please read your edition of The Triangle. It can be done online; here is a wonderful article about Lisa Breyer and Ashley Bouras. Yes, the journal is now on the Mu Phi website!

We look forward to seeing each other on Saturday, September 17, for our opening luncheon and program: “Music sends us on our path.” A great way to begin.

Mary Ann Taylor


Please put these dates and times on your calendar now. Check the website and/or newsletters through the year for any changes or updates: – Meetings

Our meeting theme this year is
Just Listen to the Music.
Performers can use this theme liberally in their programming—or not. But it’s fun to be creative with the theme when possible. We still have room for performers and co-hosts, so contact Amy Canchola to volunteer to co-host or perform.

We are hoping to make a Zoom option available for those who can’t get out at night. For those meetings with lunch – well, I can’t promise the lunch part ….

SEPTEMBER: Music Sends Us On Our Path

Saturday Sept 17 - 11 am
Location: Home of Nancy Laine
Co-hosts: Everyone - bring a lunch dish to share
Program: Phyllis Wilson - Bell Ringing - interactive
Invite a Mu Phi friend or a potential member or patron to join us!

If you need directions or a Zoom link, contact Nancy Laine.


OCTOBER: “Those who wish to sing always find a song”

Tuesday, October 11 – 7 pm
Location: Home of Sylvia Taylor
Host: Sylvia Taylor
Program: Duo Atesorado - Amy Canchola, soprano and Noe Garcia, guitar
Initiation by Phi Tau of Noe Garcia as a Mu Phi member (pending availability of Phi Tau chapter)

November: Celebrate the Harmony!

Monday, November 14 – 7 pm
Location: Home of Pat Suitt
Host: Pat Suitt
Co-host: Susan Poelchau
Program: Pat Suitt and Susan Poelchau playing Mozart’s Sonata in D, Mov 2 & 3 for Two Pianos
Founder’s Day Celebration


JANUARY: Music Brings Joy!

Monday, January 9 – 7 pm
Location: Home of Susan Poelchau
Host: Susan Poelchau
Program: TBA
Convention discussion

FEBRUARY: “If music be the food of love, play on”

Joint meeting with SAI
Tuesday February 14 – 7 pm
Location: TBA
Host: SAIs
MPE: Music from Shakespeare’s time - Susan Poelchau, piano; Mary Alice Rich and Louise Rossi-Sklar, violins, Gretchen Nichols, cello; Claudia Jameson, vocals/narration.
Others TBA

MARCH: Music Soothes the Troubled Heart

Monday, March 13 – 7 pm
Location: Home of Claudia Jameson
Host: Co-host: Tena Hehn
Program: Pat Suitt, piano and Mary Alice Rich, violin
Mary Ann Taylor, flute

APRIL: Appreciate Collegiates

Saturday, April 8 – 11 am
Location: Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220
(Enter from Inwood Road, use first entrance to go to the Parlor on the right)
Luncheon Coordinator: Phyllis Wilson
Co-hosts: all members
Program: Scholarship winner and collegiate performers from local universities
Award Scholarship

MAY: Music Brightens Every Hour

Monday, May 8 - 7 pm
Location: Home of Mary Williams
Program: Dinner, Convention planning meeting / Installation of Officers


May – Come and Play

For our May 2022 Meeting, ten members met at the home of Mary Williams for a fun pot-luck dinner. We gathered around the table, ate well, and had time to have conversation.


New officers

President: Mary Ann Taylor
Vice-President (Membership): Lisa Beyer
Secretary: Susan Poelchau
Treasurer: Nancy Laine
Chorister (Programs): Amy Canchola
Chaplain: Kathryn Johnson
Steward: Claudia Jameson
Historian: Mary Williams


Just a reminder that it’s time to pay dues for Mu Phi Epsilon for the 2022-2023 Just year. Send to Nancy Laine ASAP. You can now pay using Venmo: @MuPhiEpsilon-Dallas.
If you need the last 4 digits of the telephone number for verification, use 9069. Thanks to all members who have already done so.

Newsletter / Website

Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams at, appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news. Our next Newsletter deadline will be November 5 - before our meeting on Monday, November 14.

Answers to your questions are on our website:

Social Media

Be aware that there is now an international Social Media Coordinator. You can post to Haley Stevenson what you are doing of note (along with us):
Haley Stevenson
Social Media Coordinator | Mu Phi Epsilon International Fraternity
Follow us at @ on most sites - @muphiepsilon


Our spring concerts ended with performers from the Diversitá Opera Arts group. If you missed any of these virtual concerts, you can catch up on our YouTube page:

We will be presenting our fall concerts online. We are not sure yet if we will be able to resume in-person concerts in spring at Sundays at the Library – to be continued. If you know outstanding performers who would like to perform on this series, have them contact Chairperson Kimla Beasley at
This above link to our YouTube Channel will work for our coming concerts. Plan to attend as often as you can.

Continue to follow our series on our Concert Series page - - click on Concert Series. There are still a few open spots and we are waiting for performers who have been contacted to make their plans. A few of the fall concerts are repeats of previous concerts in order to present a full program. The schedule will continue to be updated on the website. You will find links to the concert programs, to performer bios and photos, and to their complete programs as this information is available.



Congratulations to Fran Pearson on her retirement after 22 years teaching music at the Kessler School! She’s keeping very busy, though, watching her 6 month old grandson several days a week. She’s also branched out into new ventures and has played the organ at her church (in addition to playing viola and singing in the choir). She recently tripped and fell, but fortunately the 16 stitches in her forehead don’t appear to be slowing her down too much. She’s excited about working on a piece with Sylvia Taylor to perform at Mu Phi this year!

Mary Williams attended her sister's memorial service in Denver over the first weekend in August. Patti died of a blood cancer and other diseases - a great loss for Mary. It was a very nice service with three of Mary’s children accompanying her, though her Canadian sister, Maggie, got COVID and had to cancel. The three sisters took 25 trips together over the years. Mary and her kids saw lots of cousins and had a great visit. They also enjoyed mid-80s weather in Golden and Boulder.

Bouras and Lisa Beyer
will be presenters again at the 2023 Convention on February 8-11. This time they will speak on: Demystifying the modes: adding color to your classroom. The photo is from their presentation last year on Mindful Movement.

Susan Poelchau and husband Harald also visited Colorado this summer to visit their two daughters and their families.

Mary Ann Taylor will list only her cell phone - make a change where you need to.

Amy Canchola and Noe Garcia will be presenting a concert on
Sunday September 25 at 2 pm.
Location: St. Paul's E&R UCC Church
6464 E. Lovers Lane at Fisher Road, Dallas TX 75214
Music by Julio Cesar Oliva, Maria Grever, Anastasia Guzman and traditional favorites.
Event sponsored by Blue Candlelight Music
Free Event / Contributions appreciated
Come and support our talented Amy at this concert! She will allow our Concert Series to present this concert on November 6th.

Congratulations to Taylor Gaskins who married Johnathan Ely this summer and is now Taylor Gaskins Ely, They live on the northwest side of Fort Worth, so commuting to Dallas meetings is a challenge. Taylor plans to pursue Allied Alumni membership when the budget allows.

She says:
Jonathan and I met at church in 2019 and have been together since August 2020. He is a Compensation Analyst (Human Resources) for Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth! He is also a wonderful musician and plays drums and electric bass in our church's praise band. We got engaged on October 15, 2021 at Riverbend Retreat in Glen Rose and got married on June 4, 2022 at our church in Fort Worth. He tackles everything he does with a servant's heart and is the best person I've ever met.

I'm in my fourth year as the Assistant Band Director at Wayside Middle School in Saginaw, Texas. I wouldn't trade it for the world-- our students are great and we have a fantastic team in our band hall. We just hired a new choir director (Epsilon Epsilon alum!) and she's doing a great job. (Also, most of my bridesmaids are fellow Phi Taus... chapter friendships last a lifetime!)



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