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Greetings, Mu Phi friends!  

Summer’s over, school’s back in session, the temperature is dropping (well, maybe just a tiny bit) and it’s time for Mu Phi to get “back in the swing” again! When the board met in mid-July, we excitedly planned to get back together in-person at our September luncheon, just like in the olden “normal” days. As you know, though, COVID cases have been on the rise again, so we’re going to do our September “luncheon” meeting virtually once again.

Although I have to admit that I’m disappointed about not being able to be together, I keep reminding myself that there are also benefits to virtual meetings, particularly being able to reach those of you who might not otherwise be able to attend due to distance, time, illness, quarantine, or whatever. We may not be in the swing yet, but at least we’re getting close to the playground! I’m looking forward to hearing Debbie Brooks share her secrets about “What they don’t teach you in music school – how to thrive in the music industry.”

It was fun to attend the international convention in July, even if it was all virtual. I know I’ve already bragged about our presenters and awards. but I recently received all the certificates in the mail to make it all official, so that’s a good excuse to be pleased all over again. See all the details in the Convention Report.

Just a reminder that your dues are due now. We have to turn in a list of members to IEO this week (9/15). The list we send also needs to include any changes or updates to mailing address, email address, cell and/or home phone numbers. If any of those have changed, please contact Lisa Beyer at or me at  before Wednesday. Updates are also needed for our yearbook, which will be mailed to all paid members later this month.

I’m excited about the lineup of meetings and programs that are planned for the upcoming year as we get “back in the swing” of things.  All the meetings (except September) are currently scheduled to be in-person, and we’ll make the decision to go virtual-only, if needed, on a month-by-month basis. We do plan to offer a virtual option even when we do go back to live meetings, so we can have the best of both worlds! Here’s to a great new year of Music, Friendship, and Harmony!

Nancy Laine


Our theme for this year is “Back in the Swing.” We are saddened to not meet in person for our first meeting as we were looking forward to it. But we felt we would all be safer and would not have to limit attendance this month. With a Zoom meeting we are also making this event open to new members and graduating students
As always, our meeting schedule is a work in progress.

September 18 (11 am, Saturday)
Debbie Brooks Zoom host
Virtual (The Zoom Link is sent by email will be sent again on the day of the meeting.)
Program: Debbie Brooks, Music Services

October 11 (Monday, 7 pm)
Sylvia Taylor's home
7133 Glendora, Dallas 75230
Nancy Laine, co-host
Program: Amy Canchola, soprano and Noe Garcia, guitar (Duo Atesorado)
Lisa Beyer, cello

November 15 (Monday, 7 pm)
Claudia Jameson's home
946 Hunters Creek, DeSoto 75115
Tena Hehn, co-host
Sandra McMillen, co-host
Program: Mary Ann Taylor, flute

(No December meeting)

January 10 (Monday, 7 pm)
Pat Suitt's home
7006 Currin, Dallas 75230
Program: Sam Melnick's compositions
Julie Schmitt’s songs

February 15 (Tuesday, 7 pm)
SAIs: Joint meeting with SAI –
MPE hosts, Mary Williams, Coordinator
Custer Road United Methodist Church
6601 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75023
MPE hosts. Mary Williams, coordinator
Program: Claudia Jameson, soprano, Kimla Beasley, soprano, Chris Brunt, organ
SAI performers: Lindsay Gillis, piano - "Suite from Downton Abbey"
Sienna Priddy, soprano

March 14 (Monday, 7 pm)
Susan Poelchau’s home
10773 Lanett Circle, Dallas 75238
Co-host: Fran Pearson
Program: Instrumental or opera / Susan Poelchau

April 9 (Saturday, 11 am)
Lovers Lane UMC
9200 Inwood Road, Dallas 75220
Phyllis Wilson, coordinator
Everyone co-hosts luncheon
Program: Collegiates, scholarship winner

May 9, Monday, 7 pm, if needed only]
Home of Mary Williams
9229 Flickering Shadow Dr.
Dallas 87243
Co-hosts: TBA


At our May meeting we discussed Convention events via Zoom. Ashley Bouras installed our new officers. Kimla Beasley was elected to serve as Dallas Alumni's business representative at Convention.
The program included Mary Williams' composition Master of the Show / text from the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam, performed by Claudia Jameson. Prospective member Lauren Huff performed the first movement of Three Easy Pieces by Paul Hindemith as a tuba solo.


New Officers

President - Nancy Laine
President - Debbie Brooks
Treasurer - Lisa Beyer
Secretary - Susan Poelchau
Corresponding Secretary - Tena Hehn
Choristers (Programs) - Mary Ann Taylor and Amy Canchola
Chaplain - Kathie Johnson
Steward - Pat Suitt
Historian - Mary Williams

For scholarships available locally and internationally, see Scholarships on our website, or contact Chairperson Ashley Bouras -

For comments on or corrections to your contact information, newsletter or the website, contact Mary Williams:

Patrons: Pat Hill -

Concert Series: Kimla Beasley –


Dues are due now to Treasurer Lisa Beyer. Contact her if you have questions about what you owe: Dues details are in your yearbook on page 30.

Newsletter / Website / Yearbook

Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams at, appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news. Next Newsletter deadline is November 8 for our November meeting. This newsletter will be on our website in a day or two.

If you have any changes to your information, please let me know before I print our new Yearbooks. They will be mailed after our first meeting.


Convention Report
by Nancy Laine
For those of you unable to attend the virtual Mu Phi convention, I thought I would share some of the exciting things that happened there. Your ears may have been burning, as there was a lot of great representation from our chapter!

Our Dallas chapter won:
• Outstanding Alumni chapter in the South Central province

• 3rd place overall in the Circle of Winners
(Palos Verdes Alumni, who won overall, held a virtual recital which raised about $16,000, which they distributed to various music organizations throughout the community .) You may remember that Dallas won overall in 2020, so it’s OK to share the honor every now and then, right??

• Dallas chapter won Outstanding Yearbook of the Year. Particular thanks to Mary Williams for all her work on that (and MANY other projects!)

• The Katherine Doepke Creative Programming Award, which we won in 2020, was also won by Palos Verdes, but Dallas and our “Changing Times” theme was in the top 4. Marcus Wyche, the alumni VP, said he wished he could give the award to all 4 chapters. (By the way, our theme for the upcoming year will be “Back in the Swing.”)

• Ashley Bouras was elected to be the new 2nd VP, Collegiate Advisor. Ashley follows in the footsteps of other Dallas alumni who have served in this office – Tena Hehn (1983-1989), Sandra McMillen (2008 -2014), and Jenny Smith (2015-2021). See more below….

• Ashley was also awarded District Director of the Year. This past year, Ashley served as Distrcit Director for chapters throughout the country that didn’t have a designated District Director.

• Congrats to Jenny Smith on completing her second term on the Board as 2nd VP, Collegiate Advisor. I heard that she did a great job in the Collegiate workshops! She was also great at offering technical assistance for those having computer trouble.

• Kimla Beasley did a great job as our official chapter delegate and made an awesome presentation on our library series and how we had quickly transitioned to virtual.  I enjoyed hearing people ask how we could find so many performers, how much money we had to pay them, and how much money we made on the concerts. To have had such a long-running series with such outstanding artists, most people never considered that there was no money involved with either the audience or the performers. We really do have a unique series!)

• Kimla also served as chair of the resolutions committee. (As it turned out, there were no resolutions to be considered, but in typical Kimla-fashion, she delivered her reports with such polish and professionalism that it was hard not to be impressed.)

• Lisa Beyer and Ashley Bouras delivered a terrific session on Mindful Movement. (You may remember when they presented this at our chapter meeting in October 2019, when they had us dancing around Pat Suitt’s living room saying kind words to each other.)

• Leslie Spotz gave an awesome presentation and piano recital in celebration of Beethoven’s upcoming 251st birthday playing his “Waldstein” Sonata in C major Op. 53 - first movement.

• Julie Schmitt and her friend Judy Oates performed Julie’s composition, A Hole in the Water, on one of the Composer Recitals. (We got to hear this piece in January 2020 at our chapter meeting. With typical Julie-wit, it’s based on a poem about measuring your importance - or lack thereof - by putting your hand in a bucket of water, then pulling it out to see how big a hole is left.) I saw comments in the chat box from people wanting to know if it had been published, as they were interested in singing it themselves.

• Katy Freiberger and her composition, A Mountain Meditation, was also featured on the Composer Recital, performed beautifully by Pat Suitt and Claudia Jameson. (You may have heard them perform this on our Library Concert Series in February 2020 when the Musical Arts club was celebrating a big anniversary.)


Remember – we will still be hosts for the Convention in 2023.

We received the following letter from Rosemary Ames, outgoing president:
Subject: Many, Many Thanks

I wanted to take my time, so I read a bit each day from the beautiful Memory Book that you gave me. Your beautiful words were touching and each memory is a special one I hold close. I will always remember our times together and think about the bond of Friendship that we have because of our shared love of Mu Phi. Although my time as president is finished, our times of friendships will never end. Thank you for the wonderful memories and being a part of my life, never forgotten.

Stay safe & healthy


Tena Hehn reports that on Friday night July 30 about 10 pm she caught her sandal on the outside step by the pool and with the 2 7-month old puppies around her feet, managed to stumble onto the cement and ground. She hit the right side of my head above and below her eye which has healed. But her right hand hit the ground was broken - a small bone on the backside of her right hand between fingers 4 and 5. August 30th surgery was successful, but she is not playing piano or organ for awhile. Her family, moms and friends have been a big help with food and help around the house. Projects delayed, she is ready to be better.

Mary Ann Taylor had a mild of case of COVID this past week, despite being vaccinated, and is recovering.

Ashley Bouras is director of the new musical "Adams Family" for McKinney Youth Onstage (MYO). She will welcome a new baby girl this winter.

Sam Melnick has moved to Forney.

Cynthia Wadley died May 15th. Her daughter Linda Schaub kept Cythina updated with the our Mu Phi newsletter and notified us of her passing. Since we have not had a newsletter since then – here is her obituary:

Cynthia K. Wadley was born in Chambersburg, PA on Dec 9, 1928 and died on May 15, 2021. She graduated from Peabody Conservatory of Music and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She received her masters from Columbia University in NY. She was a proud member of Mu Phi Epsilon Music Fraternity her entire life. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dan Wadley; father, Edwin Blair; mother, Kathryn Lehman Blair; sister, Polly; and infant brother.

With just a trunk full of her belongings she bravely moved to Texas and taught piano in the Highland Park School District. She attended Highland Park Presbyterian Church where she met the love of her life, Dan Wadley. Dan and Cindy were married for 54 years and had four children in whom she invested the majority of her life. Cindy taught piano in the afternoons, but her life was her family. She loved her church and church friends at both Northminster and Lake Highlands Presbyterian Churches, and she enjoyed spending the weekend camping with the church camping group. Most of all, she loved spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

The family would like to thank the many kind caregivers at the Isle at Watercrest in Bryan, TX, for their love and concern for Cynthia over the past decade. We will never forget the gift of their presence in her life. We are also grateful for the gentle care shown by all those at Remarkable Hospice in her final days. Cindy is survived by her daughter, Linda Shaub and husband, Mike; son, Bruce Wadley, and wife Beverly; son, Greg Wadley, and wife, Barbara; son, Tim Wadley, and wife Laura; in addition to 14 grandchildren and 12 great-
grandchildren. She is sorely missed, but her legacy as a wife, mother and teacher, as well as a lover of music, lives on.In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to:

Remarkable Hospice
1645 Greens Prairie Rd.
Suite 401B
College Station, TX 77845                           OR
Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation
1611 County Road B W Ste 315
Saint Paul, MN 55113-4053

We are saddened to report that Judy Dardaganian’s son, Bradley, passed away suddenly in Ohio on Saturday, May 1, 2021, at the age of 54. He enjoyed and had jobs in the technology industry and served as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bonham, Texas, and Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church in Kettering, Ohio. Our prayers and sympathy go out to Judy and her family.


Season 85 and we have another miracle – 18 free concerts with wonderful performers ready to play on our Sunday series. Many thanks to Kimla Beasley for setting up another fall series of virtual concerts once again, as we still have no open venue at the downtown Library – at least not for fall.

Many performers are returning to us, with several new ones. Be sure to tune in on Sunday afternoons beginning October 3rd at 3 pm. You can watch on Facebook, YouTube or from our website Concert Series page –
See the full schedule with links to bios and photos of the performers and their programs (as they are received). Please share the concert schedule with your colleagues, students, family and friends.


We are thrilled to announce the new International Executive Board Members, who were elected during the 2021 International Convention!

President: Kurt-Alexander Zeller
First Vice President, Extension Officer: Liana Sandin
Second Vice President, Collegiate Advisor: Ashley Bouras
Third Vice President, Alumni Advisor: Ann Geiler
Fourth Vice President, Music Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Sorley
Fifth Vice President, Eligibility Advisory: Terrel Kent
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Jess LeNore
Triangle Editor, Kat Braz

International webpage:

International Executive Office (IEO)
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: IEO - Jess LaNore
IEO address is:
International Executive Office
4011 N Pennsylvania Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(888) 259-1471

New President: Kurt-Alexander Zeller

Tenor Kurt-Alexander Zeller has sung throughout North America and Europe, winning acclaim as a singing actor in opera and music theatre and for recital collaborations with pianist Michiko Otaki. He has been stage director for professional opera companies in Oregon and Georgia and for over two dozen academic productions of music drama. Currently he is Director of Opera and Vocal Studies and Coordinator of the Division of Music at Clayton State University, as well as Resident Stage Director for Peach State Opera. A licensed Body Mapping Educator, Dr. Zeller is co-author of What Every Singer Needs to Know about the Body and has given workshops in Body Mapping for musicians throughout the USA and in Australia.

From Nancy: Some of you may remember Kurt-Alexander Zeller, who was a voice student of Barbara Moore at SMU. He was elected as our new International President! He’s in Atlanta now, but he’ll always be a Mu Chi!! When I congratulated him and asked if he studied with Barbara Moore, he responded, “Yes, in addition to being my voice teacher, Barbara was the faculty advisor of Mu Chi when I was initiated; in fact, she probably was the ‘tipping point’ that got me to pledge. (It was a few years after 1977 by then, but in those days there
was still very much the idea among the students that Mu Phi Epsilon was for the girls and Phi Mu Alpha for the boys. But Barbara can be very insistent, and then I thought about all my mother's cool friends in the Portland Alumni of Mu Phi Epsilon--whereas whoever had heard of Phi Mu Alpha alumni doing ANYTHING? And now look where we are.)”

He fondly recalled Tena Hehn and Wynona Lipsett as being the District Director and Province Governor at the time. He also remembers Edie Pfautsch attending events with Dr. Pfautsch’s Perkins Chapel Choir. Kurt hasn’t been back to Dallas in 20 years, so he’s already looking forward to the 2023 convention in Grapevine – when we really will be hosting the convention in person!!


New Triangle Editor

Kat, the oldest of three children, was raised in Wyoming and moved to Indiana to attend Purdue University in 1997. She lives in an 1855 brick house with her husband, a rescue dog and two feisty kitties. Editorial work is her passion and she transitioned to full-time freelance in October 2020 to support association and organization publications with editing, writing and creative direction. An amateur pianist, Kat began taking lessons about five years ago and now enjoys accompanying her UU church youth group and conducting a holiday tour of area nursing homes. Kat is now in charge of editing The Triangle; if you have any submissions you would like to make for our next issue, please contact her at


Second Vice President, Collegiate Advisor: Ashley Bouras

Ashley graduated from the University of North Texas in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. She is an Orff Schulwerk certified teacher currently teaching General Music at an elementary school in Richardson, Texas. Ashley is the music director for McKinney Youth OnSTAGE where she has directed 26 productions and volunteered over 1,000 hours since 2017.

Ashley was initiated in Mu Phi Epsilon in April of 2010 into the Phi Tau chapter. During her time in Phi Tau, she was the chapter's Marketing Committee head and Vice President, as well as the 2011 convention delegate. She has served Mu Phi Epsilon as District Director for South Central 2 for seven years and one year as the District Director At Large. Ashley was named District Director of the Year two times during her eight years of service and has been chosen for the Honorable Mention several times. As a member of the
Dallas Alumni chapter, she has held the offices of President for two years and Vice President for two years. She lives in Garland, Texas, with her husband, Basil, and her 3-year-old daughter Evelyn.
Ashley Bouras -


Sam Melnick - SC2 District Director

UNT grad Sam believes that music is greater than the sum of our parts, and we must work together to create it. He focuses on collaborating with performers to write music that fits their unique abilities. He has been a part of various ensembles, which have shaped his ideas on achieving different textures and how melodies can be layered or woven together.This synthesis created his style that uses development through repetition and lays melodies on top of textures, sometimes in layers.
Sam Melnick -



Alumni Recruitment

Ann Geiler, St. Louis Alumni, is helping put together a campaign to recruit new alumni members, particularly studentss just graduating from college. The campaign is across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as sent directly to graduating seniors.

She requested feedback on things like the following:
• Why you joined an alumni chapter
• What does an Alumni Chapter or being an Allied member have to offer?
• What kind of things does the Alumni Chapter do at meetings?
• How is an Alumni Chapter different than a collegiate chapter?

It’s not too late to let Ann know your answers to this question.



Contact Information
Electronic mail / President / General Information - Nancy Laine:
Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Kimla Beasley:
VP/Membership - Kimla Beasley:
Programs - Phyllis Wilson: and Claudia Jameson:

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