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Greetings, Mu Phi friends!  

Wow, our entirely virtual year is coming to a close. When we planned this year, we expected to be working on national convention preparations at the May meeting. If you weren’t at the April meeting, you might not know that the July 21-24 convention is now going to be entirely virtual. (You’re still welcome to “attend” the convention. Details on registration will be posted on the national website when available.) The surprise is that the 2003 convention will be held in Grapevine, so we will be hosting a convention – in a couple of years!

Our next meetings will be Monday, May 3, at 7:00. Many thanks to Daniel McKay for hosting the meeting again this month! Along with a composition by Mary Williams, we’ll also get to hear a performance by a future alumni member, Lauren Huff. Lauren who plays tuba, graduated from Baylor in December (with formal ceremonies later this month) and has already started attending our alumni meetings.

Thanks to the nominating committee (Phyllis Wilson, Mary Ann Taylor, and Daniel McKay), we have a new slate of officers for 2021-2022. Ashley Bouras will be installing these officers at our next meeting.

In April, we got to meet and hear our wonderful scholarship winner, Faith Ann Santucci, a flautist graduating from UNT. Faith Ann has been an active member of the Phi Tau chapter, was the only freshman in 2017 to win a place in one of the UNT orchestras. Many thanks to the scholarship committee (Tena Hehn, Susan Poelchau, and Sam Melnick) for their excellent choice!

Many thanks to Kimla Beasley, Mary Williams, and Susan Poelchau for a very successful library concert season! The change to virtual concerts allowed new audiences to enjoy the series. Special thanks to all of the performers who not only provided wonderful music, but also successfully dealt with the technical issues of recording the concerts.

It’s almost time to send in our annual report. One of the items include in the volunteer SERV hours (from June 2020 – May 2021). Whether you have just a couple or hundreds of volunteer hours, I’d like to include them on our report, as we get credit for participation as well as total hours. See more below. Also see more below about changes to the National Website.

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom next Monday, May 3, at 7:00 p.m.

Nancy Laine


May Meeting – Time to Talk Convention

Monday, May 3 – 7 PM
Zoom Host: Daniel McKay

- Convention and chapter planning
- Installation of officers
- Claudia Jameson singing: Master of the Show by Mary Williams / text from the Rubaiyat
   by Omar Khayyam
- Tuba piece played by Lauren Huff

The Zoom Link will be sent to members again on the day of the meeting. If you are a guest reading this, please request the link from the webmaster Mary -

Words to Master of the Show
(Stanzas 68, 69, 71, 74 from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, translated by Edward Fitzgerald)

We are no more than a moving row
Of magic shadow-shapes that come and go
Round with the sun-illumined lantern held
-- by the Master of the Show.

Vs 1.
But helpless pieces of the game He plays
Upon this chequer-board of nights and days;
Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays,
And one by one back in the closet lays.

Vs 2.
The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your piety nor wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

Vs 3.
Yesterday this day's madness did prepare;
Tomorrow's silence, triumph, or despair;
Drink! for you know not whence you came, nor why:
Drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.


March Meeting – Time to Volunteer

On March 16th we were privileged to hear two beautiful compositions by our own members:

- On Aging – Lyrics by Maya Angelou and music by Julie Schmitt,
sung by two friends of Julie - Sheryl Barnard and Judy Oates with Julie

When you see me sitting quietly,
Like a sack left on the shelf,
Don’t think I need your chattering.
I’m listening to myself.
Hold! Stop! Don’t pity me!
Hold! Stop your sympathy!
Understanding if you got it,
Otherwise I’ll do without it!
When my bones are stiff and aching,
And my feet won’t climb the stair,
I will only ask one favor:
Don’t bring me no rocking chair.
When you see me walking, stumbling,
Don’t study and get it wrong.
‘Cause tired don’t mean lazy
And every goodbye ain’t gone.
I’m the same person I was back then,
A little less hair, a little less chin,
A lot less lungs and much less wind.
But ain’t I lucky I can still breathe in.

- Music Goes On Forever - lyrics and music by Susan Poelchau
Sung by Angie Hawkins, soprano with Nancy Laine, piano

This piece was dedicated to Ashley Bouras and her students. Ashley popped in from a rehearsal with Angie Hawkins to hear the video of this piece.

Music class, Music class is over.
After class this morning a child said to me,
I wish that music would go on forever, go on forever and ever and
What can I say? How can I answer? What can I say? Here is my
I said to the child, your wish will come true,
The times they are changing and we must change too.
But music, child, music will go on forever,
Your wish will come true,
Music goes on forever and ever and ever, forever and ever!

We also heard our guest and Mu Phi Elisabeth Adkins, violin and Edward Newman, piano, play a wonderful rendition of Three Romances by another woman composer – Clara Schumann. Many thanks to Elisabeth and her husband. What a wonderful meeting to coincide with Women’s Month.

Mary Ann Taylor also wrote a poem about Ashley's student (still available to be set to music):

Music is Forever
Mary Ann Taylor ((This is a 6565 meter. It's based on Ashley's student's comment.)
Music is forever:
It was always true.
The music you love now
Brightens all you do.
When hard times come along,
Change the path of gloom.
Sing or play or listen:
Hearts will find the room.
Joy is in the journey.
Changing times don’t stay,
Music gives us courage
All along the way.


April Meeting – Time to Congratulate Collegiates

Saturday, April 10 – 11 AM
Zoom Host: Daniel McKay

Scholarship Committee chair Sam Melnick introduced our winner, flutist Faith Ann Santucci, a member of Phi Tau at UNT. She performed at our meeting, playing Sonatine by Pierre Sancan accompanied by Xiao Wang.

She was a senior flute performance major with a 4.0 CPA and has received a UNT Excellence II Academic Scholarship from 2017-2021. She was Recording Secretary for the Phi Tau chapter for two years.

Along with volunteering with her chapter and in her community, Faith Ann has been semifinalist in auditioning for the U. S. Air Force Bands in Washington DC and Colorado and was also a semifinalist in the UNT Concerto Competitions in 2018 and 19.

She was Principal Flute in the University of British Columbia Chamber Orchestra Festival in 2019, Principal Flute in UNT Opera in 2018 and 19, and Principal Flute for Texas Voices professional chamber choir in 2020.

Her goal is to perform in a military band, and she plans on working on a Master's degree in flute performance at Florida State University while continuing to audition for a military band position. She has also enjoyed playing in chamber music groups while at UNT and plans to continue doing that as well. She will put the scholarship money from our chapter toward savings for a piccolo - a required secondary instrument for flutists in military bands.

We wish Faith Ann well in her future endeavors.


New Officers

At our Monday, May 3 meeting, Ashley Bouras will install our new officers:
> President - Nancy Laine
> Vice President - Debbie Brooks
> Treasurer - Lisa Beyer
> Secretary - Susan Poelchau
> Corresponding Secretary - Tena Hehn
> Choristers (Programs) - Mary Ann Taylor and Amy Canchola
> Chaplain - Kathie Johnson
> Steward - Pat Suitt
> Historian - Mary Williams

SERV Hours

It is time to turn in our volunteer hours. (There are chapter awards for service!) Complete instructions are on page 31 of your yearbooks, with an option to record and send hours via your computer. Please email or send your contribution to our community to Nancy Laine ( by June 1.

Categories are:
   SERVICE: accompanying, church musician, musical group participation, performance, music management
   EDUCATION: any type of unremunerated teaching
   RESOURCE: work with special populations


Treasurer Lisa Beyer will send out an email regarding upcoming dues (due by September 1). Dues details are in your yearbook on page 30.

Newsletter / Website

Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams at, appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news. Next Newsletter deadline is September 6 for our September meeting. 

This newsletter will be on our website in a day or two.


On April 12th we celebrated the life of our beloved Frances Estes at Christ Lutheran Church. . Even though she hasn’t been able to attend in quite a while, she faithfully served as corresponding secretary of our chapter for many years. Her memorial service started with a mini-concert that included Pat Suitt and Claudia Jameson, Katie Freiberger gave a eulogy, and a number of other Mu Phi’s were inattendance. With typical Frances humor, the birth/death dates on her bulletin read
19?? – 2021.

If you would like to express condolences to her family via her cousin Celia Cameron, please request Celia's address from the webmaster Mary - For those who did not see the obituary, here it is:

ESTES, Frances
Frances Estes passed away peacefully early in the morning, March 25th, at City Hospital at White Rock Lake. The cause was injuries resulting from a series of falls.

She was known throughout the Metroplex as a professional oboist and English horn player, having played with the Fort Worth Symphony earlier in her career, and continued to perform at smaller venues with first-rate groups until her death.

She was married to Ed Estes, an equally talented professional musician, who passed away in 2005. Together, they were an ideally matched pair who brought thousands into their world through music and teaching. They were beloved. In addition to her music profession, Frances taught second grade for over thirty years at Caldwell Elementary in Garland while Ed was performing and directing bands at several other schools.

She was a member of Casa Emmanuel United Methodist Church and lived in the same home in Dallas for sixty-five years surrounded by neighbors who treated her as they would their own families a relationship which she fully reciprocated.

Frances Halstead was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and was raised predominantly by her grandparents in Cisco. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University where she met Ed. Frances is survived by her cousin, Cecilia Cameron of Ennis, cousins Trish Yeates, Jan Staffileno, Linda Barclay Newton, Winston Lewis Barclay, a nephew, Dick Estes, and a niece,
Elizabeth Estes Baldwin, their families, and a wide circle of friends. She recently lost her two housemates, which she would have wanted to mention, cats Angel and Pasha.

A memorial service will be held for this remarkable and ageless woman at Christ Lutheran Church, 3001 Lovers Lane, at 2 PM on April 12th. Please park and enter on the Dublin Street side. There will be no graveside service. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the charity of your choice, Operation Kindness, Musical Arts Club Scholarship Fund, or to Cat Partners at Southwestern University.

Published in Dallas Morning News on April 9, 2021.
                       Pierette Mouledous, Joan Merriman, Claudia Jameson, Pat Suitt, Frances Estes

Ashley Bouras is starting her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Policies degree next month at UTA. It is an accelerated program that will take a year to complete. (She is still teaching music during this - not going anywhere!) Continuing her work with Melissa Youth Onstage, she directed the April production of "Descendants."


We finished our season with an exceptional program from the Flute Society along with these other artists. We thank everyone who contributed to our series this year.

Mar 14 Chamber Music from North Texas Conservatory
Mar 21 Texas Flute Society
Mar 28 Carlos Audi, cello and Adam Booher, piano
Apr 11 Sohyun Ahn, piano

Kimla will compile and send viewing statistics. We discussed the possibility of continuing to stream virtually even when we are live again.


Ann Davis, who wrote the Final Notes section for the Triangle, retired recently.
Ann Geiler ( is the new Final Notes writer.



Attention, all Mu Phis! We are thrilled to announce the first VIRTUAL Mu Phi Epsilon convention on July 21 - 24, 2021. This summer's convention will be held virtually and streamed from Indianapolis. Our turn is still coming thought: Dallas Alumni will serve as hosts July 19-22, 2023 in Grapevine at the Embassy Suites.

This year you will be able to attend from the comfort and safety of your home or office, and we will still have a Foundation competition, District Director workshop, collegiate and alumni workshops, formal business sessions, and so much more!

Each collegiate and alumni chapter will be represented by an official business delegate. Our delegate will be Sam Melnick – already chosen. The member will attend all the sessions throughout the convention. Of course, ALL members are encouraged to attend the convention.

We are disappointed that we will not be able to meet in person this year, but we are very happy that we can keep our connections strong by virtually coming together to learn, share, and be together as best we can as the world recovers and gatherings become safe again. The safety of our members is the number one priority! Check this page regularly for updates:


National Website

The national website,has undergone an update. Please note that you’ll need to set up a new password to get to the members section of the website. Your user name is probably your email address. It will be the best way to get the latest info on the upcoming virtual convention.


Alumni Recruitment

Ann Geiler, St. Louis Alumni, is helping put together a campaign to recruit new alumni members, particularly studentss just graduating from college. The campaign is across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as sent directly to graduating seniors.

She requested feedback on things like the following:
• Why you joined an alumni chapter
• What does an Alumni Chapter or being an Allied member have to offer?
• What kind of things does the Alumni Chapter do at meetings?
• How is an Alumni Chapter different than a collegiate chapter?

It’s not too late to let Ann know your answers to this question.      


Make Music Day

Did you know that Monday, June 21, is world-wide Make Music Day?
Following is an email from Rebecca Sorley, our Music Advisor.

Dear Alumni Presidents,

"Make Music Day" is a celebration of music around the globe occurring each year on June 21. This year, a special part of the event will include "window serenades" which are opportunities to perform music outside for those unable to leave their homes or nursing facilities to hear concerts Mu Phi Epsilon has been asked to partner with "Make Music Day" to spread this day of service to all areas of the country. Mu Phi members have already done some incredible programming to help those who are isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participation in "Make Music Day" can be an extension of these wonderful concerts occurring all on one special day. Information about the winter "window serenades" which occurred this year and some ideas for this event are in the attachment. Basically, all you need to do is follow the criteria below and you are ready!

If you or anyone in your chapter is interested in participating in this event:

1. Set up a concert at a local nursing home on June 21. Let the staff know it is part of a world-wide celebration!

2. E-mail with the time (on 6/21), location, and musicians for the event. I will notify the director and the information will be included on the website.

3. Perform for your audience. Note: in some locations outside concerts with outside audiences may be allowed. As long as SOMEONE is listening from inside the facility, it will still count as a "window serenade."

4. Take a picture of your group at the performance. Many times, nursing home residents can only be photographed from behind, so keep in mind the rules of the facility.

5. Video a small portion if possible! Please spread the word about this opportunity and thanks for considering this wonderful way to serve through Mu Phi Epsilon!



Contact Information
Electronic mail / President / General Information - Nancy Laine:
Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Kimla Beasley:
VP/Membership - Kimla Beasley:
Programs - Phyllis Wilson: and Claudia Jameson:

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