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Greetings, Mu Phi friends!  

Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday!
Happy New Year, Mu Phi friends!

Well, 2021 is here at last! Hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as possible in a safe and healthy way. I did see some bright spots of creativity triggered by the COVID environment (carols, songs, poems, cards, ornaments, etc.), so there must be a silver lining to every cloud. If you found something creative that brightened your day, or better yet, if you created something yourself, bring it to Monday’s meeting to share.

We’ll still be zooming at our January meeting next Monday, January 11. Many thanks to Lisa Beyer for hosting! I’m looking forward to hearing Claudia Jameson perform. (This will most likely be Claudia’s last performance before becoming a grandma!) We’ll also have a little fun playing a Mu Phi trivia game. (Maybe even a prize?) It’ll be fun to catch up and enjoy seeing everyone.

I need your input on the February 8 meeting. We’re scheduled to “go live” with a meeting at Christ UMC in Plano. There’s certainly plenty of room there to allow social distancing and follow protocols, but the question is how many are willing to get out at this time. The SAI chair is suggesting that perhaps we delay our joint meeting until February 2022. They’re going to talk about options at their meeting this week, and we will discuss at Monday’s meeting as well. (If you can’t attend Monday’s meeting, please send me an email with your preference of Live or Zoom for our February meeting).

Looking forward to getting 2021 off to a good start (with the exception, of course, of the political chaos!

Nancy Laine


January Meeting - Time to Visit Germany

Time to Visit Germany
Monday, January 11 – 7 pm CST
Location: Zoom - Link below
Zoom Host: Lisa Beyer

Program: Claudia Jameson, soprano
Die Schnur, die Perl and Perle an Vergebliches Standchen
by Johannes Brahms
with Sheree Bayless, piano.
(Sheree is organist at FUMC DeSoto and elementary music teacher at DeSoto ISD)

The link is sent to members in an email.


February – Time to Visit Mexico and SAIs

Monday, February 8 - 7 pm
Our annual joint meeting with SAI
Hosted by Daniel McKay via Zoom

Program: Time to visit Mexico and Points Beyond, presented by Duo Floreciente - Amy Canchola, soprano and Colleen Kilpatrick, piano.
Jurame by Maria Grever
Signore, ascolta! from "Turandot" by Giacomo Puccini
Morgen and Zueignung by Strauss
Die Mainacht by Brahms
Selige Nacht by Josef Marx
When I Look at You from "The Scarlet Pimpernel" by Wildhorn and Knighton
All the Things You Are from "Very Warm for May" by Rogers & Hammerstein II, dedicated to Virginia Pharr.

The Zoom Link will be sent later, and again on the day of the meeting.


November Meeting

Our program on Monday, November 9 was on Zoom and featured Mary Alice Rich, violin and Susan Poelchau, piano.
Meditation from the opera "Thais "
by Jules Massenet
Passaggio by Ludovico Einaudi.

Nancy Laine conducted our Founder’s Day Celebration.

We did not meet in December.

Meetings and Programs

From Nancy: Calling all MPE composers!

Our Mu Phi theme for the year is Changing Times. Would our resident composers (that is, YOU!) come up with songs or instrumental pieces illustrating the Changing Times theme (probably to be performed by a single person or small group rather than the whole crowd)? You wouldn’t necessarily have to perform it yourself, although that’s certainly an option. Ideally, we could have these pieces performed at our March meeting [designate March as Composer Month]. That would surely showcase our composers and performers.

Let Claudia Jameson know if you have something written and/or you could write something or perform something. Instrumentalists? Singers? Step up!

Some poem lyrics are in an additional file that you can request from the webmaster.

Newsletter / Website

Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams,, appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news. Next Newsletter deadline is March 4. This newsletter will be on our website in a day or two.

This newsletter will be on our website in a day or two.


Kimla Beasley could use some extra care this season. In case you didn’t know, her dad, pastor of St John Baptist Church in Beaumont since 1977, died suddenly around Thanksgiving. She had to design an online memorial service in a hurry. I’ve seen the link, and it’s very moving.

She’s staying with her mom in Beaumont now for several months to help her cope. She’ll be working from there, and also will be keeping up with her Library Committee work in addition.

She’s such a caring person, has been so helpful to us, and has been really dealt a triple blow just now. I’m sure she would appreciate cards of support. Contact the webmaster for her mailing address.

She recently updated us:
... I think this spring will be more challenging as people are really clamping down on staying home but we will make the best of it!!

I’m just getting settled here in Beaumont. Thanks so much for all of you all’s support, cards, donations, emails so very thoughtful and most appreciated. My Mom is glad that I’m here and I’m glad to be able to be here. It’s definitely a change in our lives but we are getting on pretty well.

I’ll be back in Dallas like once a month. I rented out my place so my journey as a landlady has begun. I think I’ll like it but just trying to stay alert to everything.

I hope you all are doing well. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.

Mary Ann Taylor was in charge of the Monday event at the Winter Festival of Faiths at Thanksgiving Square, with festivities beginning on Dec 13th featuring Dallas artists. Are we surprised at how poised and professional Mary Ann was?

Basil and Ashley Bouras have had a light case of COVID these past few weeks. Waiting to see about Evelyn, who is still doing OK.


Using Zoom

If you have not used Zoom or are having trouble with it, please ask for assistance.

Note: We are not requiring a password for our Zoom meetings, since a link is sent only to members and the likelihood of our meetings being crashed is remote. (If hackers have our link, they would also have the password.) Once you have downloaded Zoom (takes just a minute), Zoom is super easy - click a link and you are there.


You can participate with a video of yourself, if your computer has a built-in or add-on camera, and/or audio. You need to select one or both to have others see/hear you.
* Please sit in a lighted place and ajust your screen and/or chair height so we can see you.
* Please use headphones or earbuds to minimize noise and for best audio.
* Keep your audio muted (by clicking on the audio icon in lower left of your screen) when you are not talking.
* You can toggle between Gallery View (see everyone) and Speaker View (see only the speaker) by clicking on the square shaped icon in the upper right corner of your screen. If you don't see it, hover your cursor in the area until it shows up.
* At the end of the meeting, click Leave Meeting in the lower right corner.


The Concert Series carries on, even with Kimla being away. She can do everything remotely, she says.

The first spring concert is Jan 31 - Yuri Noh, violin with Jeongmi Yoon piano
Her program:
Sonata No.4 in A minor, Opus 23, by Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata for violin and piano, by Aaron Copland
Romance for Violin and Piano in A major, Opus 23,
by Amy Marcy Beach

Access Sunday concerts from our Concert Series page:

See the full schedule on the Concert Series page.

If you haven't been attending our concerts, this is a good time to start?
No worries with traffic or parking.  Wonderful performers, professionally done programs, nice variety.
Tell your firends as well. When you get a flyer for a concert,pass it on to firends, colleagues and students.

Link for concerts: Top

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