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Greetings, Mu Phis! 

Hope you’re surviving these very unusual times! Even in the midst of uncertainty and unending bad news, it’s fun to see how some are creating new ways to communicate and share bonding during our quarantine. Whether it’s pop stars singing and broadcasting from home, families making music outside nursing home windows, or kids drawing with chalk on the sidewalks, the good vibes and encouragement we receive show more than ever the special role that music and arts have in our lives. And thank goodness for the technology we have to make all this work! While singing The Triangle together on Zoom may not sound great, it certainly makes me feel good!

Speaking of Zoom, it was great to see so many of you at our April meeting! I especially enjoyed getting to know some of our new members a little better and seeing some longtime members who are not able to attend regularly. (I think it was our record member attendance for the year!) Our yearbook shows that we have another meeting scheduled for next Monday, May 4, so let’s do a virtual meeting again! We don’t need to plan for convention, since it is being postponed until next year (although still not officially). And at our last meeting we voted to re-elect all the existing officers, so we won’t need to have an officer installation.

So why come to the meeting? First of all, we’ll get to hear our scholarship winner perform, which we didn’t get to do in April. (We extended the deadline for scholarship applications to April 30, so we don’t know yet who will be performing, but I’m certain it will be great.) And then, here are some of the things you can do to help make the meeting fun for all:
• Bring your mask, the sillier the better. It would be fun for everyone to put them on at some point and take a screen shot of the group. (Who knows – it might show up in some future issue of The Triangle!)
• Think of a quarantine experience/story you could share. Could be funny, heartwarming, whatever.
• Quarantine music/jokes – any sit-down comedians out there?
• Short performances – let me know in advance if possible.
• Whatever else you can dream up!

Please take some time to get your SERV hours together – see information below.

Hope to see you Monday night at 7:00! Stay safe. Stay well.

Nancy Laine


March – Looking Forward on a Clear Day

We looked forward but it was not a clear day....


April - Music Scholarship
Saturday, April 4 – 11 am

Our usual April meeting is usually a Saturday luncheon with the collegiates presenting our program, and we present a winner of our annual scholarship a nice check. Well, things changed quickly, didn’t they?

We did not have a luncheon, but we had a rather successful virtual meeting and got to see and hear each other. Scholarship winner announcement was delayed until May. Thanks to Ashley Bouras who set up a Zoom meeting for us using the same software she uses as a teacher.
Our present Board has agreed to serve another year, and were elected by acclamation.

Attending members gave reports on their situations and the telephone committee reported on those who were absent.

Our new young members Emma Bjornson, Jordan Doss, Taylor Gaskin and Sam Melnick had the opportunity to introduce themselves and describe how they are teaching online and managing to stay busy. Debbie Brooks, a former Sterling Achievement Award winner (1977) has now found a home with us after the Fort Worth alumni chapter dissolved. We have welcomed 12 new affiliates this year!

Nancy Laine requested members send her short videos of performances as a way of keeping in touch with each other.

Since we did not have a scholarship winner to hear, we asked members to share a short performances. So we had the following program:

From home, Taylor Gaskins performed Cyril Rose's Etude #4 for clarinet and
Amy Canchola inspired us with You'll Never Walk Alone, with a virtual pianist supplied by Thanks to Taylor and Amy for stepping up at the last minute.

Other news appears in minutes sent to members by email.

After a formal close, the meeting adjourned with a heartfelt attempt to coordinate the singing of Our Triangle.....Great fun, if not technically perfect!


Next Meetings

The theme for this year’s meetings is 2020 Vision to celebrate this coming year’s convention in Dallas. We are trying to incorporate 2020 in as many ways as possible into our meeting themes and selections.

Monday, May 4 - 7 pm: A NEW YEAR
Host: Ashley Bouras

We will have a virtual chapter meeting on our regularly scheduled date - Monday, May 4 -  at our regular meeting time - 7 pm, using  ZOOM software. Ashley Bouras will set up the meeting with her teacher copy of Zoom, so we won’t be restricted by the 40 minute limit.

Location: Zoom meeting on your computer or phone. Please join the group at 6:55 - 7 pm.
Click the link sent to members and you are joined to the others. THE LINK TO OUR MEETING WAS SENT TO MEMBERS ON FRIDAY BY EMAIL AND WILL BE SENT BY EMAIL AGAIN ON MONDAY, MAY 4.  

Click: Join Meeting. If the meeting has not yet started, wait in the waiting room until the host begins the meeting and admits you.

If you are Mu Phi not affiliated with the Dallas chapter and would like to join our meeting, please contact Ashley Bouras at sometime before the meeting so she can send you the link..

Program: Planning for next year
                  Claudia Jameson: will perform a piece that is a play on
                      "Match Maker" from Fiddler on the Roof
                  Scholarship Winner - TBA
Others are welcome

You can participate with a video of yourself, if your computer has a built-in or add-on camera, and/or audio. You need to select one or both to have others see/hear you.
* Please sit in a lighted place and ajust your screen and/or chair height so we can see you.
* Please use headphones or earbuds to minimize noise and for best audio.
* Keep your audio muted (by clicking on the audio icon in lower left of your screen) when you are not talking.
* You can toggle between Gallery View (see everyone) and Speaker View (see only the speaker) by clicking on the square shaped icon in the upper right corner of your screen. If you don't see it, hover your cursor in the area until it shows up.
* At the end of the meeting, click Leave Meeting in the lower right corner.



Please take some time in the next two weeks to count up your SERV volunteer hours for June 2019 – May 2020. You may be able to enter them at a website: Or you can just email them to me ( Here are the categories:

* Service: accompanying, church musician, musical group participation, performance, music management
* Education: any type of unremunerated teaching
* Resource: work with special populations

For each entry, list: Date(s) of service
* Category (Service, Education or Resource)
* Description of Service
* Hours served

Please turn your SERV hours in to Nancy Laine by May 15, divided into Service, Education and Resource.

Other News

Zelda Hantz agreed to audit the treasurer’s books.

Many thanks to Kimla Beasley who set up a Board meeting using Zoom. We liked it so well we continued to use it for general meetings.

Every member should have received a call from a Board member to check on our well-being.
   1. To touch base with all members to see how everyone is doing
   2. To announce meetings via Zoom
   3. To announce likely postponement of our Convention for a year

Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news.

Next Newsletter deadline is September 10.

Spread the word abour Mu Phi and our Concert Series! Sign up for our Facebook page and share our concert series postings. You can post your own performances there as well. We just cannot use that space to advertise or sell products.


Julie Schmitt should be listed in the 50+ column in your yearbook with a 1962/3 initiation date.

Mary Ann Taylor's husband is out of the hospital.

Board members talked with as many members as we could find. The retirement homes are of course in lockdown. Pat Hill is now off a feeding tube for pneumonia, and is still the most positive person ever. She loves being able to sit and read at CC Young and was disappointed to hear that convention might be postponed; she was planning to come!

Judy Dardaganian is at Highland Springs which has reported virus cases but is well.

Katie Freiberger is OK but sorry that Greg Hustis couldn’t present his talk at the March meeting. She was unable to arrange anything for our April meeting as she was swamped with repairs to her condo and didn’t have the time or energy to think about it.

Sylvia Taylor's son David is in the Philippines and cannot leave yet. She requests we please say a prayer for him to get home safely soon.

Emma Bjornson in Waxahachie is making school lesson plans for her music classes in Lancaster. Her ISD is closed until fall. Lisa Beyer and Ashley Bouras are among others doing the same. You teachers are great for each other!

Korrine West says she's hanging in there and trying not to go stir crazy. (That sounds familiar!)

Sandra McMillen is recovering from shingles! What a painful surprise! Like most of us, she knew she needed to get the vaccination and kept putting it off. That was a mistake. She says "If you had Chicken Pox, please think about getting the vaccination - you can do that at your pharmacy."


Four spring concerts were cancelled due to closure of the Library / virus, much to the disappointment of performers and audiences.

Kimla Beasley has dates set up at the Library and is accepting bookings for next season. The first concert is scheduled for September 27th with eight concerts in fall and 11 in spring. Contact her if you are interested in performing or know of a high quality group or soloist.

Keep up to date by looking at the website: Click on Concert Series. There are links there to Performers’ bios and to their Programs, as received. With our pandemic situation, this is even more important to keep up with changes.

Our goal is to have every member help at a Sunday concert at least one time a year. So, if you have not done that this year, tell Kimla what Sunday works for you. Many thanks to Pat Suitt, Tena Hehn and Nancy Laine who have helped.


Nominations for National Officers

New officers will be elected – but we don’t know exactly when. Several officers are retiring and we have some candidates for officers from our chapter – shhh. They still need to be elected.


Convention Dates: July 21–24, 2021

UPDATE: We finally have the agreement complete between Mu Phi Epsilon and the Embassy Suites in Grapevine to officially tell you that our 2020 convention has been rescheduled to 2021. New dates:

JULY 21-24, 2021
Grapevine, Texas
Embassy Suites
All fees and room rates will remain the same.

Sam Melnick was chosen by the Board be our official chapter delegate. Our new GEM members, Mary Ann Taylor and Zelda Hantz, will be recognized.

Several Dallas Alumni members have been invited to present/perform:
• Composers Katie Freiberger's “A Mountain Meditation” and Julie Schmitt's piece “A Hole in the Water” will be performed.
• Lisa Beyer and Ashley Bouras will present “Mindful Movement.”
• Our new member Leslie Spotz will play some Beethoven and also give a lecture on him. We are so delighted she was chosen. Leslie has been performing on our concert series for many years and is an accomplished professor and touring pianist.
• Francis Vu, chosen to direct the Convention Chorus, had already started working with his choir for their presentation.

These members hope to be available next year for Convention.            


Contact Information
President / General Information - Mary Ann Taylor:
Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Kimla Beasley:
VP/Membership - Lisa Beyer:
Programs - Amy Canchola:

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