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Nancy's Notes

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already into a new year! My Christmas decorations are mostly put away, but my Christmas music is still out. (We musicians have a longer Christmas season than most – starting months before Christmas with rehearsals and then stretching through Epiphany Sunday). I can’t even imagine what Christmas would be like without music. How blessed we are that we have musical gifts to share that can brighten the season for ourselves and others.

What a thrill it was to be part of a group representing Mu Phi Epsilon at a New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving in December! Mu Phi Epsilon was recognized as one of the first winners of their annual Grace Notes award in 2009, given that year to several groups who helped create new audiences for music. Our Library Concert Series does indeed do just that, and has been doing so uninterrupted for 82 years! We owe a deep debt of gratitude to those early visionary saints, including Cleo Furr, Frances Stuart, and Edie Pfautsch, and to current members who have continued to provide vital leadership to the project, including Susan Poelchau, Mary Williams, Claudia Jameson, Phyllis Wilson, Kimla Beasley, and others. (A picture and more details on the Grace Notes recognition are elsewhere in this newsletter).

I’m excited about our next program coming up on Monday, January 14, at Susan Poelchau’s home. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an ocarina before. Based on the picture in our yearbook, I wasn’t surprised to learn that it’s an ancient wind instrument, a kind of vessel flute. But I was surprised to see that most of the links led to a video game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. There are a number of ocarina songs in that video game, including one called “Song of Healing.” How perfect for our program theme of “Healing” for this year! (I’m sure our program committee planned it that way, but the correlation was lost on me until now!) J Should be a very interesting and (based on what I see online) relaxing evening!

In February, in addition to our joint meeting at First Presbyterian with SAI on Feb. 11, we’ll be a part of the Mu Phi District Convention at TCU on Feb. 23. We’ll participate in the recital, lead one of the social events, and help with the potluck. (Note to pianists - several of the chapters asked if the alumni could help out with accompanying the soloists, primarily vocal.) What a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the collegiate and alumni to continue the Mu Phi Epsilon legacy!

Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Now a new year awaits us, giving us more opportunities for music, friendship, harmony, and fun. Let’s make the most of it!

Happy New Year!

Nancy Laine, President


November – The Healing Power of Music Fraternity

In November we met at Claudia Jameson’s lovely home and were treated to a great program. Kimla Beasley and Claudia Jameson as Susanna and the Contessa sang the “Letter aria,” “Sull’ aria” from The Marriage of Figaro.

Mary Ann Taylor performed the Sonata for Flute by William Babell. Tena Hehn accompanied.

Kimla, Mary Ann and Tena assisted Claudia in providing a tempting spread of goodies.

Kimla Beasley, Tena Hehn, Claudia Jameson ^

                   Tena Hehn, Mary Ann Taylor >



Next Meetings

Monday January 14 – 7 pm: The Healing Power of Breath

Location: Home of Susan Poelchau
Co-host: Kimla Beasley, (could use one more)

Program: Susan and Harald Poelchau will give a short demonstration of gemshorns, another mellow and unusual instrument.
Chris Gale, ocarinas, will bring several instruments and demonstrate the haunting sound of these lovely instruments.  She’ll focus on the music of Sojiro, whose music is often called “healing music” - just the thing for a January evening!  

Susan says: " Our house sits on a hill. If you have difficulty walking up steps, plan to park in the driveway, which enters from Mediterranean Drive, and come through the back gate. That way is level. If there is bad weather, we’ll send an email to cancel.”

Monday, February 11 – 7 pm: The Healing Power of Harmony
Our annual joint meeting with SAI
Location: First Presbyterian Church
1835 Young St. (downtown - corner of Young and Harwood) Dallas
Host: Phyllis Wilson

We are the hosting club this year. So please everyone attending - be generous in food to share.
Progam: Hand bell group from First Presbyterian Church, directed by Phyllis Wilson
Nancy Laine, organ
Members of SAI - TBD

The website for the church has directions (See:
Please come to the entrance of the Welcome Center on Young St. There is a 6-level garage and a surface parking lot near the Welcome Center entrance.
From the parking garage you can enter the church on level 2. The Sanctuary and parlor where we will have our reception are on that level.
The person at the desk in the church will give you directions to the parlor where you can leave your goodies. It has a kitchen and we will have tables set up.
Phyllis will coordinate the food; please tell her what you are bringing.
Contact Phyllis if you need more information.

For future meetings: Ashley Bouras will co-host March 19; we could use a second co-host.
The May meeting will be held at Kimla Beasley's friend Pam's home; contact Kimla or the webmaster or Newsletter for the address. We could use two co-hosts for that meeting.

Please let Kimla Beasley know when you would like to co-host a meeting (bring goodies).


Treasurer Sandra McMillen reports that the chapter is making a $25.00 memorial donation to our chapter Scholarship Fund in memory of John Smith.

The Concert Series Piano Tuning fund is in need of $60.00 to meet the second tuning cost. The first tuning has been paid for.

The Scholarship and Concert Series funds are now partially funded (thank you Tena Hehn). We need additional donations for each of these worthy causes. Both help us promote music in our area.

Thanks to the members who paid their Founder's Pennies at the Founder's Day Meeting!

Special thanks to Nancy Laine for funding the chapter donation to the TMEA booth.

Please correct your yearbook for our March meeting to Tuesday March 19. (This gremlin managed to get into the Yearbook even though we all knew that.)

Grace Note Award - 10th Anniversary

In 2009, the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving created Grace Notes awards. The program cites, “ Since 2009 – a year troubled by the nation’s recession – arts groups here have not only survived, but grown in an amazing way. Today arts centers like ours dot the neighborhoods of north Texas. This tenth anniversary reception brings together our past Grace Note Award winners, representatives of DFW’s major and smaller arts organists, with this year’s honorees.”

All 44 of the past winners were recognized, as well as 5 new winners. (This year’s honorees, recognized for their funding of the arts, were Texas Commission on the Arts, TACA, The Meadows Foundation, The Dallas Foundation, and Communities Foundation of Texas).

The reception was followed by a wonderful concert , featuring the premiere of a new work by Dr. Francis Osentowski and Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto.

Attending the New Philharmonic of Irving’s Grace Note Award ceremony December 9th were Nancy Laine, Phyllis Wilson, Susan Poelchau and Tena Hehn from our chapter. Mu Phi Epsilon Dallas was a recipient of the first award given ten years ago – “for their significant efforts to build the audience for great music with concerts open to the public since 1937 at the Dallas Public Library.”



You can “Like” the Dallas Alumni Chapter on Facebook to keep up with messages and events.

Type MuPhiEpsilonDallas on the search line within Facebook, then click on LIKE us.
This is especially helpful in promoting our concerts at the Library. Share with your friends what we are doing.

You can post your own performances there as well. We just cannot use that space to advertise or sell products.


Your Newsletter Editor will be traveling, so will need to do the next newsletter by March 12. She appreciates having news and photos to print with your help. (No help? No news.)


Our multi-talented Mary Ann Taylor has had two short stories printed in a new collection called Texas Tales.

Please let your newsletter editor, Mary Williams, know changes in your situation and what you are doing.


From Susan Poelchau:

On March 3 the Library Series will feature a group of highschool orchestra students from Conroe who are learning the viola da gamba in addition to their modern instruments. They’ll be joined by some experienced players to round out the concert. They are on a very tight budget so I have offered to feed them at the library before the concert and have reserved the room next door to the auditorium. It has tables and space but no kitchen facilities, so food and drinks must be ready to serve. I'd be very grateful for chapter support of this effort - especially since I’m playing on the concert myself and both Mary and Kimla aren’t available to help out that day! Thanks - Susan

NOTE: The first two spring performers switched dates: the Chinese ensemble Menagerie Multicultural Ensemble will be first - Jan 27 and Eric Wood,clarinet and Jeffery Ou, piano on Feb 3.

The Chinese group played last year and was one of the most interesting programs we have sponsored. Make a point to attend it and bring friends for something different and delightful.

Jan Mark Sloman's amazing violin students are playing, among other things, a movement from the Mendelsohn Violin Concerto and a movement from the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. His star, Matthew Ho, preformed last summer as a "rising star" for the Fine Arts Chamber series.

Make a point to assist at one concert this next year. Mary Williams and Susan Poelchau will be traveling at times and Kimla Beasley works some weekends. We will need some extra people - especially for these dates:
- Two people for March 3 (Susan will be here but will be performing)
- One person for March 24
- Two people for March 31
Tell Susan you can come to one of these concerts.

Mary will print and deliver posters of the spring schedule to the libraries and will bring some to the January meeting for Oak Cliff distribution and for your use. Kimla has sent publicity to our media outlets.

Kimla has made a special poster to publicize our last string of piano concerts: "Piano Mania" Help us promote this series-within-a-series. All wonderful pianists!

See the full schedule on our Concert Series page and share it with your friends, family and students.

Concerts continue to be superb! We have such talented artists performing for us. A good audience is their best reward!

See more photos on our Facebook page for a look at some of the past performers and their instruments.
Please share these posts on your page.


2019 SC2 District Convention

Message and Registration Link from TCU President Mark Dingler:

Hello all!

The Epsilon Epsilon chapter is thrilled to be hosting the 2019 SC2 District Convention at TCU! We will be meeting on February 23rd at 11:00 am and will have numerous opportunities to share thoughts, experiences, and fun! Further details regarding parking, schedules, and any other information will be sent out later!

Here is the registration link for the convention: This link will be live until February 1st.

Cost of attendance is $25 and will provide a shirt and lunch.
Collegiate members, please pay your treasurer this cost and they will send in one check.
Alumni members, please send cash or check (payable to Mu Phi Epsilon) to the following address:
2901 Stadium Drive
TCU Box 297500
Fort Worth, TX 76129

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Mark through email at

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Mark Dingler
Texas Christian University '20
Vocal Music Education - BME
President of Mu Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Epsilon

From District Director Ashley Bouras:

This is a time for ALL Mu Phis to gather, learn, and socialize. I would love to have more of you attend this year and make connections with our other brothers and sisters in the area.

In addition, we need a music delegate to perform in the recital! Let me know if you are interested!

I’m so excited for this! I hope you are, too!


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