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Greetings, fellow Mu Phis!

I am excited and honored to be serving as your president this year! And what a year it’s shaping up to be! The programming committee (Kimla Beasley, Susan Poelchau, and Claudia Jameson) has come up with some great programs, and I love the theme for the year – the Healing Power of Music! I get to experience the healing power of music each week as I work with a group of dementia patients, some of whom barely communicate, and watch them sing some of the “oldies” songs. The magical connection between music and the brain never ceases to amaze me. How lucky we are to be musicians!

Our first meeting is coming up soon – a potluck luncheon on Saturday, September 15, at Mary Williams’ clubhouse (details elsewhere in this newsletter). In addition to great food and fellowship, we’ll have a chance to go “back to school” ourselves. Lisa Beyer will be leading us in a “lesson” using Orff/Kodaly inspired lesson using barred instruments (xylophones), body percussion, and a children's book. It’s been proven time and time again that children involved in music generally have higher IQ’s than those who are not. I can’t guarantee that your IQ will increase after Lisa’s lesson, but I can guarantee that you’ll have a fun time! Thanks to dedicated music education teachers, like Lisa, the love of music is continually being passed to new generations.

Looking forward to starting a great year together!

Nancy Laine, President



Our May meeting was held at the home of Lisa Beyer - a make up meeting as January meeting was cancelled due to bad weather. A few stalwart souls made it to Richardson where we played a series of games based on popular games such as Bingo, Jeopardy, Charades, etc that featured music and Mu Phi topics. Games were conducted by Nancy Laine and Lisa Beyer. Winners received prizes of Mu Phi cookies (from Rosemary Ames' visits to local hotels); the remainder of the cookies were shared with the group. (If you weren't there - see what you missed?)

Lisa Beyer and Nancy Laine provided refreshments.

Remember that our new officers are:
Nancy Laine, President
Lisa Beyer, Vice-President
Sandra McMillen, Treasurer
Susan Poelchau, Secretary
Claudia Jameson, Chorister
Frances Estes, Corresponding Secretary

Pat Suitt, Chaplain
Kary Caboose, Steward
Mary Williams, Historian

Susan Poelchau (Program Committee / Concert Series)
Claudia Jameson (Program Committee)
Kimla Beasley (Programs / Concert Series)
Mary Williams (Newsletter / Webmaster / Yearbook / Concert Series)
Pat HIll (Patrons)
Jenny Smith (SERV)
Ashley Bouras (Scholarship)
Sandra McMillen (Finance / Ways and Means)
Frances Estes (Sunshine)


Theme: The Healing Power of Music

Saturday Sept 15 - 11 am - The Healing Power of Rhythm and Music

Lunch and program at Chimneyhill Clubhouse, 9223 Emberglow
   (north of LBJ, west of Abrams)
Host: Mary Williams
Co-hosts: Everyone  bring a lunch dish to share
Program: Lisa Beyer presenting a program on elementary school music featuring Orff/Kodaly inspired lesson using barred instruments (xylophones), body percussion, and a children's book!
Tuesday, October 9 - 7 pm - The Healing Power In 88 Keys
Location: Home of Sylvia Taylor
Co-host: Susan Poelchau
Program: Favorite Bach pieces of Mu Phi pianists - TBD

Monday, November 12 - 7 pm The Healing Power of Music FraternityFounders Day
Location: Home of Claudia Jameson
Co-Host: Kimla Beasley
Program: Mary Ann Taylor (need to confirm)

Monday January 14 – 7 pm - The Healing Power of Breath
Location: Home of Susan Poelchau
Co-host: TBD
Program: Cris Gale, Ocarina with Susan Poelchau, keyboard

Monday, February 11 - 7 pm – joint meeting with SAI - The Healing Power Of Harmony
Location: First Presbyterian Church downtown
Host: Phyllis Wilson
Co-host: Mu Phis are hosted; please bring plenty of snack food
Program: Handbell group from First Presbyterian Church, conducted by Phyllis Wilson
                 Nancy Laine, organ

Tuesday, March 18 - 7 pm - The Healing Power In Musical Family
Location: Home of Lisa Beyer
Co-host: TBD
Program: Ashley & Basil, clarinet duo

Saturday, April 6 - 11 am  -  The Healing Power In Music Scholarship
Location: Lovers Lane UMC
Host: Lisa Beyer
Co-host: All bring luncheon dishes
Program: Scholarship winner and collegiate program

Monday, May 6 - 7 pm - The Healing Power of Song
Location: Home of Kimla Beasley
Co-Host: TBD
Program: planning session; or makeup for bad weather, or Kimla Beasley and Claudia Jameson, sopranos


Memorial Donations

Donations were made to our funds:
Tena Hehn: $50.00 donation to Scholarship Fund in memory of Bea Carney
Tena Hehn: $25.00 donation to Library Series in memory of Laura Nell Mitchell

Our Scholarship check of $500 was given to Michael Ramirez at April meeting. Donations are needed to replenish that fund and are greatly appreciated. Remembering a loved on is a good way to support our projects as well as honor them.

Sandra McMillen reported that dues are due NOW - $90 if you don't have life Triangle subscription.  By a vote at our January2017 meeting, we raised our local dues to $25 per year. If you are not a lifelong subscriber to Triangle, your dues will be $90. Patron dues remain $25.


Our chapter was awarded Outstanding Alumni Chapter in South Central Province. We are in the Circle of Winners. Yay for us!

Next Convention

Our triennial Convention will be held at the end of July, 2020 at Embassy Suites, Grapevine (just north of the DFW Airport). Tentative dates are July 23-26, 2020. Dallas and other chapter members in this region will participate in assisting at this convention at the hotel and airport as greeters, check-in, helpers, etc. Plan to be available to help at that time.


Our yearbooks for this fall will be available at the September meeting.

Facebook Page

You can “Like” the Dallas Alumni Chapter on Facebook to keep up with messages and events.

Type MuPhiEpsilonDallas on the search line within Facebook, then click on LIKE us.
This is especially helpful in promoting our concerts at the Library. Share with your friends what we are doing.

You can post your own performances there as well. We just cannot use that space to advertise or sell products.


Susan Poelchau's sister Julie passed away May 8th. She had been living at Presbyterian Village for some time, with Susan as her family support. Our condolences to Susan.

John Allen Smith, Jenny's father and our patron, died on June 14. Jenny prepared a beautiful service for and with her father during the last week of his life. It was held at Christ Church in Irving.

John Allen Smith, 74, of Irving TX passed away peacefully in his home on June 14, 2018, surrounded by friends and loved ones. John was born in Wichita, KS to Donald P and Margaret Smith, and spent most his childhood and early adult life in Houston, TX. He was a graduate of the University of Houston in 1971 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. John married his wife, Michelle, in 1967, and worked within the oil and gas industry. After settling in Irving, they raised their daughter, Jennifer, attended South MacArthur Church of Christ, and after several years of research/ development work in semiconductors and heating/cooling technology, John retired in 2012. A loving husband and father, John is survived by Michelle, Jenny, and many other friends who adored his sense of humor and generous spirit. A service to honor his memory will be held on Saturday, June 30th at 4pm at Christ Church, Irving (1750 E. Airport Fwy, Irving TX 75062). In lieu of flowers, the family asks that a donation to the America Kidney Fund be made in John's name, as their generosity allowed our family to afford medical care during his years of illness. The family would like to thank Pathways hospice, UT Southwestern Cardiac team doctors, nurses, and social workers, as well as Dr. Chemmalakuzhy, Christ Church family, and friends of Jenny.

Condolences to Jenny for the loss of her devoted father.

Ashley and Basil Bouras are weathering a swiftly growing (darling!) new baby and getting back to work.

We have a number of address changes. You can see them in our new Chapter Yearbook or by contacting our President, Nancy Laine, or webmaster Mary Williams.
- Ashley Bouras' address has changed
- Chris Brunt's address has changed
- Kary Caboose's address has changed
- Katherine Freiberger's phone info has changed and her Colorado address dropped
- Please use cell phone for Mary Williams as she will get rid of her land line soon

We have a new special member to be initiated soon. Please welcome Francis Vu who is Director of Choirs at Centennial HS in Frisco ISD and Director of the Turtle Creek Chorale Chamber Chorus.

Please let your newsletter editor, Mary Williams, know changes in your situation and what you are doing.


Our 82nd year of presenting a Concert Series begins on September 30th.  One of our favorite pianists and Mu Phi from Texas A&M University Tarleton - Leslie Spotz and her colleague Carolyn Keyes, flute will begin our season. Gather up your friends to welcome our first performers for the season.

One outstanding performer will be harpist - Abigail Kent who plays on October 21. She is 2017–19 touring “Concert Artist” of the American Harp Society after winning the prestigious Pan-American solo competition with lots of other awards.

Make a point to volunteer to help at least one concert this next year. Mary and Susan will be traveling at times and Kimla works some weekends. We will need some extra people - especially for these dates:
- One person for Oct 7
- One person for Oct 14
- Two people for March 3 (Susan will be here but will be performing)
- One person for March 24
- Two people for March 31

Tell Susan you can come to the Library one of these days.

This is Susan's last year as Chairperson for our chapter project. She has worked long hours to get us the best schedule for the year and found some great new musicians for our series. And found substitutes when there are cancellations. She deserves all our kudos!

Kimla Beasley will taking her place beginning next year and is "interning" with Susan this year. Thanks so much to Kimla for taking over this important job in our chapter.

This series has a long history with several awards. Our wonderful performers want the opportunity to perform and our students, teachers and bargain-minded concert goers love the opportunity to hear free concerts. But it takes all of us to support it - by coming to concerts, by volunteering, by giving a donation for our expenses (piano maintenance and program printing) and by telling your friends and students about it. There is an audience in Dallas for free concerts - but they don't all know about it. Help us promote this project.

See the full schedule on our Concert Series page and share it with your friends, family and students.

See more photos on our Facebook page for a look at some of the past performers and their instruments. Share these posts on your page.


Convention Planning

The meeting if the International Executive Board (IEB) will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Grapevine next year to start planning the Convention. Their meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 28-31, 2019. The Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Board will meet at the same place tentatively June 9-12, 2019 and will choose the location of the International Competition. The 2020 Convention will likely be July 23-26 - pending confirmations of various contracts. Meetings of both Boards will take place immediately before the Convention. Few details are yet in place but more will be forthcoming as time goes on.

Wanted: An International Editor for The Triangle

The ideal candidate does not have to be a member of Mu Phi Epsilon but would be preferable. “Because of the Editor's evolving role in meeting the fraternity's overall communications needs, the IEB decided to revise the job description and re-post the position. While still focused on compiling and editing Triangle material, the new job description also includes social media and website work.”

See the attached separate file if you are interested in seeing the job description. See current and past issues of The Triangle at

Applications are being accepted through September 30, 2018.

The Triangle is the official quarterly journal of Mu Phi Epsilon. It is a means of communication for the Fraternity membership and a vehicle for presenting Mu Phi Epsilon and its members to the music world.


Mother Teresa: "We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love."

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