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Greetings, fellow Mu Phis!

I don’t know about you, but our first two chapter meetings this year have reminded me why I’m so happy that I’m a Mu Phi! The programs have been great, and getting to see and hear friends I haven’t seen in years has been even better!

We’ve all been blessed with the gift of music, and I especially love it when Mu Phi gives us a reason to use our gifts to make music together. Tena, Susan, Sylvia, and I had such fun working on our tag-team version of the Bach-Busoni Chaconne to celebrate Sylvia’s 88th birthday at last month’s meeting. Sylvia and I decided after one of our rehearsals that there were really four ideals of Mu Phi Epsilon – Music, Friendship, Harmony, and FUN! I was especially excited that we had several young men at the meeting, including Francis Vu, soon to be a new special election member of our chapter. The generation gap just seemed to vanish as I heard him ask Sylvia if he could hug her. As I sit here writing this article on All Saints Day, I think of the many “musical saints” who have impacted my life, many of them through Mu Phi Epsilon. Don’t you wish we could have them all back, if only for a moment, to thank them and give them one last hug?

And how wonderful it was to hear Katy Freiberger play on the October program! A noted pianist, piano teacher and composer, Katy had tried to retire and had stopped practicing earlier this year, but said that it just didn’t work for her. Playing for Mu Phi gave her a reason/excuse to practice and perform again. (Yes, Mu Phi is for life!!) On a related note, the Dallas Symphony Foundation recognized Katy in a recent publication, in an article very appropriate titled “Music is What Connects Us.” In the article, Katy is quoted as saying, “Our world needs music desperately because it unites people of different ethnicities, religions, politics, financial means, education and dispositions.” Amen, sister!!

Last month, I attended a district planning meeting at Ashley’s house, along with representatives from 5 collegiate chapters (Baylor, UNT, TCU, Texas A&M-Commerce, and Tarleton). Plans are coming together for a Mu Phi Epsilon district meeting at TCU on Saturday, Feb. 23, and our alumni chapter will be a part of it! Mark your calendar now. (Just think, it will also be great practice in preparing for the International Convention coming up in Grapevine, TX, in 2020!)

Many thanks to our hard-working Concert Series Committee: Susan Poelchau, Kimla Beasley, and Mary Williams! This free concert series began in 1937, over 80 years ago! Only two concerts remain in this fall’s line up – Sunday, Nov. 11 and 18, at 3:00, at the downtown Dallas public library, so plan to go and be part of something historic.

Ten years ago, Mu Phi Epsilon was one of the first winners of the “Grace Notes” awards for our library series. This year’s winners include The Meadows Foundation and Texas Commission on the Arts. (Pretty heady company, huh?) See more later on.

Next week, we have the opportunity to celebrate the 115th anniversary to Mu Phi Epsilon’s founding at our meeting on Monday, November 12, at Claudia Jameson’s house. How grateful we all are that Winthrop Sterling and Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua had the vision to create our beloved fraternity based on the ideals of Music, Friendship, and Harmony in 1903! (By the way, we’ll be collecting Founders Day pennies, $1.15 or 115 pennies, in celebration.) In her Founders Day message (see later) , our International President Rosemary Ames says, “ Our world has changed so much in 115 years, but there is great comfort in knowing that the values on which our fraternity was founded have stood the test of time and are unchanged.”

Let’s celebrate Music, Friendship, and Harmony (and have Fun as well)! Hope to see you there!


Nancy Laine, President


September: The Healing Power of Rhythm and Music

Our Welcome Luncheon was held at Chimneyhill Clubhouse, with host Mary Williams.

President Nancy Laine announced that:
• The International Convention in 2020 will be held in Grapevine
• Dallas Alumni received two awards for this past year: Outstanding Chapter in South Central Province, for the 21st time in 30 years, and Outstanding SERV hours.
• The Triangle is looking for an editor.

Vice President: Lisa Beyer read the CV of Francis Vu, who wants to join our chapter. She moved we accept Francis by special election. The motion was seconded by Ashley Bouras and carried.

Treasurer Sandra McMillen reported almost all dues are paid and the check has been sent to International. Donations are needed for the Scholarship Fund and the Concert Series Fund.

Kimla Beasley will take over as chair of the Concert Series Committee for 2019-20. She is already helping at the Library, sending publicity and posting Facebook notices. Mary Williams provided Concert Schedules for members to post and supplied informational “business” cards to hand out. If you didn’t get any, there will be more at the next meeting. Give them to people you tell about the series.

The Yearbooks were distributed. You can add that Ashley Bouras will cohost at Lisa Beyer’s in March. Mary Ann Taylor and Tena Hehn volunteered to cohost at Claudia Jameson’s in November.

After the closing of the business meeting, Lisa Beyer presented a summary of her work with elementary students using Orff-Kodaly instruments and methods. She led the members through a typical lesson, where we accompanied stories in a book with suggested improvisations and rhythm patterns on a variety of rhythm instruments and marimbas. It was great fun.

After the program, we enjoyed a bountiful covered dish lunch.


October: The Healing Power in 88 Keys

We met in October at Sylvia Taylor’s home and celebrated her 88th birthday with our program "The Healing Power in 88 Keys."

Susan Poelchau, Nancy Laine, Sylvia Taylor and Tena Hehn all performed together on two pianos one of Sylvia's favorite Bach pieces "Chaconne for Violin!”

The program:
“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” Bach/Hess played by Tena Hehn and Susan Poelchau
“Partita 1 in Bb Major” Praeludium and Sarabande, played by Katie Freiberger
“Chaconne”, Bach/Busoni played by Tena Hehn, Nancy Laine, Susan Poelchau & Sylvia Taylor
What a brilliant and wonderful evening celebrating music and friendship!

We met guests Francis Vu (special election) and Danny McKay (Phi Tau) would like to affiliate with our chapter.


Next Meetings

Monday, November 12 - 7 pm: The Healing Power of Music Fraternity

Location: Home of Claudia Jameson
Co-Hosts: Kimla Beasley, Mary Ann Taylor and Tena Hehn
Program: Mary Ann Taylor
Founders Day Celebration: 115 years. Remember to bring your "Pennies" ($1.15 per member) which Nancy will collect.

From Rosemary Ames
Subject: Founders Day Message >

Monday January 14 – 7 pm: The Healing Power of Breath

Location: Home of Susan Poelchau
Co-host: We need some volunteers to co-host!
Program: Cris Gale, Ocarina with Susan Poelchau, keyboard

Please let Kimla Beasley know when you would like to co-host a meeting (bring goodies).


Please correct your yearbook for our March meeting to Tuesday March 19. (This gremlin managed to get into the Yearbook even though we all knew that.)

You can “Like” the Dallas Alumni Chapter on Facebook to keep up with messages and events.

Type MuPhiEpsilonDallas on the search line within Facebook, then click on LIKE us.
This is especially helpful in promoting our concerts at the Library. Share with your friends what we are doing.

You can post your own performances there as well. We just cannot use that space to advertise or sell products.


In September we sang “Happy Birthday” to Pat Hill, who is in better health.

At our September meeting we welcomed back long-time members Katie Freiberger and Melanie Moseley.

Pat Suitt’s husband is in a rehab facility.

Judy Dardaganian is moving to Plano and plans to return to the chapter.

Nancy Laine’s music group from Custer Road Methodist played at the home where Jerry Taylor lives.

Jenny Smith had her PhD research paper (on a vaccine for breast cancer) published. She has applied for tenure and promotion at TCJC. Yay Jenny!

Katy Freiberger was honored by Dallas Symphony and she appeared in a full page ad in the Dallas Morning News. See the article at the end of this sectionr.

Ashley Bouras announced performances of her student theater. Her MYOnewsies performances played Sept 27- 30 in McKinney.
Ashley’s next McKinney Youth Orchestra performance will be “Into the Woods” in May.

Mary Williams traveled to Israel and Jordan in October.

The American Guild of Organists will celebrate their centennial on Friday, Nov. 16. Nancy Laine and Chris Brunt are members of that group.

The AGO is presenting a free Centennial Anniversary Concert for the DFW community at the Meyerson Symphony Center on Friday, Nov. 16, featuring organists Scott Dettra, Professor Stefan Engels, Benjamin Kolodziej, Dr. Yoon-Mi Lim, Jonathan Ryan, and Dr. Bradley Welch.

Festivities include:
   6:00 Dallas Chapter archives on display in the Meyerson Lobby
   6:30 Presentation on the history of the Dallas Chapter in Horchow Hall
   7:30 Centennial Anniversary Concert
Contact Nancy Laine - 210-289-3342 if you need more details.

Please make these corrections to your yearbook:

Megan Carfa – did not join this year.

Melanie Moseley – returned to be active again. (please contact the Newsletter Editor if you need other contact info).

Fran Pearson: change her phone # (please contact the Newsletter Editor if you need it).

Tena Hehn: change her phone # (please contact the Newsletter Editor if you need it).

Mary Williams has cancelled her land line. Please use cell phone in yearbook.

Please welcome our special election new member Francis Vu who is Director of Choirs at Centennial HS in Frisco ISD and Director of the Turtle Creek Chorale Chamber Chorus.

Please let your newsletter editor, Mary Williams, know changes in your situation and what you are doing.



Make a point to assist at one concert this next year. Mary and Susan will be traveling at times and Kimla works some weekends. We will need some extra people - especially for these dates:
- Two people for March 3 (Susan will be here but will be performing)
- One person for March 24
- Two people for March 31
Tell Susan you can come to one of these concerts.

We would like an idea for acknowledging the great help Andrew Anderson, music librarian at the downtown library, provides for us.

From Susan Poelchau:

We are very pleased to have received the following invitation from the New Philharmonic of Irving Orchestra! Our Sunday Concert Series support puts us in some very good company!

It's hard to imagine, but it was 10 years ago when Mu Phi Epsilon alumnae became one of our first "Grace Note" Awards winners - recognizing groups who are making a significant contribution to the arts in north Texas. You were recognized for your free weekend concerts at the Dallas Public Library, in a year when we honored groups helping to build audiences for classical music in north Texas.

Our tenth anniversary of these awards is coming up in 2018-19 and we wanted to bring our ten years of award winners together with this year's honorees. Our Grace Note Awards for 2019 will go to several funding groups whose grants and gifts have helped make possible the spectacular growth of the arts in this area in recent years...

  Communities Foundation of Texas
  The Dallas Foundation
  The Meadows Foundation
  Texas Commission on the Arts

We'd like to invite you and your guests or another representative of Mu Phi Epsilon's alumnae to join us for an invitational reception at 2:30 p.m. December 9 at the Irving Arts Center with the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving. There will be a short conversation, looking back at the past ten years and ahead, to discuss what's next as north Texas becomes a national center for the arts. We hope to have the executives or artistic directors from 40 arts organizations with us for the awards and the brief discussion.

Thank you for your leadership in the arts over these past ten years, and we hope you can join us for this reception and concert. "See the full schedule on the next page and our website Concert Series page and share it with your friends, family and students. See more photos on our Facebook page for a look at some of the past performers and their instruments. See:

Let Susan know if you can attend this event. She has a limited number of tickets for our use.

See the full schedule on our Concert Series page and share it with your friends, family and students.
Concerts continue to be superb! We have such talented artists performing for us. A good audience is their best reward!

See more photos on our Facebook page for a look at some of the past performers and their instruments. Please share these posts on your page.


Our next Mu Phi Epsilon district meeting will be held at TCU on Saturday, Feb. 23, and our alumni chapter will be a part of it. Dallas Alumni will be helping with an icebreaker, sending a music delegate and bringing some side dishes for lunch. Registration will go out soon and be around $25/person. This includes lunch and a T-shirt! Delegates from our five nearest chapters will be there, and the presence of Alumni remind our collegiates that they are welcome to continue as Mu Phi members when they graduate.


The meeting if the International Executive Board (IEB) will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Grapevine next year to start planning the Convention. Their meeting is scheduled for July 28-31, 2019. The Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Board will meet at the same place June 9-12, 2019 and will choose the location of the International Competition.

The 2020 Convention will be July 23-26. Meetings of both Boards will take place immediately before the Convention.


Contact Information
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Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Susan Poelchau:
VP/Membership - Lisa Beyer:
Programs - Kimla Beasley:;
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