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Ashley's Aspirations

Greetings everyone,

What a year this has been so far! I want to thank you all for your passion and support for the Fraternity and for one another. Time has certainly flown, as another Founder’s Day is upon us! It's my favorite day to be a Mu Phi. Winthrop S. Sterling and Elizabeth Mathias Fuqua had a vision for us when they founded Mu Phi Epsilon in 1903. It may be hard to imagine, but their vision included you and me. The evidence is in our Creed, the words upon which our Fraternity stands:
   I believe in MUSIC The noblest of all the arts,
   A source of much that is good, just and beautiful.
   In FRIENDSHIP Marked by love, kindness and sincerity.
   In HARMONY The essence of a true and happy life.
   I believe in the bond of our Fraternity - loyal, generous and self-sacrificing,
   And its strength shall ever guide me in the path that leads upward toward the stars.

As we continue to move forward with our chapter, we will strive to reach our goals that we set just a few short months ago. I am reassured and excited and that these goals are directly supported by the Creed! Every day we continue in our path with Music, Friendship, and Harmony. I know our Founders would be proud to see our efforts! The end result will be a thing of beauty, and I'm so thankful to be a part of the process with all of you.

Happy Founders Day!

With love,
Ashley Bouras, President


Tena Hehn and Mary Ann Taylor are scheduling our programs for this year. Note the theme of "Celebration" or "Celebrating..." -- Founders Day, Friendship (SAI in Feb), and others. Please volunteer to perform at a meeting or co-host. If you are assigned to co-host (bring food) for a meeting and can't come, trade dates with someone else.

Please invite Mu Phis in the Dallas area who might like to attend our meetings. We welcome you!

November: Celebrating Our Founders and Eric Satie

Tuesday Nov 15 – 7 pm--Founders Day Observance
Host: Pat Suitt
Co-hosts: Susan Poelchau, Pat Hill, Jenny Smith
Program: Celebrating Erik Satie’s 150th birthday
Pat Suitt, Sylvia Taylor, Tena Hehn - piano
More chapter pianists – please volunteer to play some Satie

January: Celebrating Our Chapter

Tuesday Jan. 10 -- 7 pm
Host: Lisa Beyer
Co-Hosts: Tena Hehn, Fran Pearson
Program: Chapter Review
Lisa Beyer, cello


Rachel Brandwein Concert
From Ashley Bouras

I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to making Rachel’s masterclass, recital, and reception possible. She thoroughly enjoyed her time here! We had 97 live audience members and 16 livestreams across the world, which is fantastic! The link below is the recorded recital if you'd like to view it again, or if you weren't able to be there. Also, a HUGE thank you to Phyllis Wilson for heading up the committee that organized Rachel's masterclass and performance!

Peggy Capps, Phyllis Wilson, Rachel Brandwein, Beverly Hoch, Ashley Bouras, Jenny Smith

We enjoyed seeing Denton alumni Peggy Capps and Beverly Hoch and many UNT students. Thanks to the Denton Alumni for the programs and help with the reception. 


The Board has discussed raising our local dues for 2017-18 by $5. The bulk of our dues goes to International leaving very little money for our chapter to operate, especially since we are funding a concert series and scholarships with money from dues. Your input on dues and fund-raising are needed.

SERV Hours

Ashley would like to give Jenny Smith, Lisa Beyer, and Basil Bouras a shoutout for logging SIX service hours into our new Google form (designed by Ashley). From Ashley:
You guys are awesome! If you were unable to attend our last meeting, a new method of recording and submitting your service hours was presented. You are still welcome to write your service down in the back of your yearbook if you wish. This new method was created to help organize the data for reports, as well as reducing the stress of trying to add up your own hours in their correct categories for an entire year. Thank you all in advance for trying something new. We are growing together! Here are the directions:

1. Visit website:
2. Fill in your information:
    Date of Service
    Select the Type of Service (Resource, Education, Service)
    Description of Service
    Hours served
3. Click Submit and you’re done!

Minutes from Last Meeting

In order to save time at our meetings, we will be sending minutes from the previous meeting via email to current members instead of reading them at the start of each meeting. If you have any corrections to the minutes, please reply to the email. See your separate attachment for minutes from September’s and October's meeting.

Funding Projects

Several members have made donations for scholarships and the Concert Series. If you desire to donate, write a separate check made out to Mu Phi Epsilon with the recipient noted and give it to Sandra McMillen. She will then send forms to International so that a tax form can be sent to donors at the end of January. We have collected $500 towards our Scholarship Fund and $125 towards our Concert Series fund so far. Thanks to all those donors! We need additional donations to the Concert Series fund as the little nest egg we had is depleted and we continue to incur expenses for piano maintenance and printing.


• Mary Ann Taylor has been added to the Scholarship committee.
• The Audit committee will consist of Tena Hehn and Claudia Jameson with Sandra McMillan assisting.
• Ashley Bouras will assist the Contact committee to set up GroupMe, in addition to email, as a way to contact members.
• A new Social Media committee will handle notifications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Megan Carfa and Lisa Beyer will chair this committee and explain it at a further meeting.


We do not win International recognition for our concert series because not all members participate, the venue doesn't change and it has won several awards in the past. The Board has discussed trying a different venue or format for the Series, as it has existed 80 years in the same format. Suggestions are appreciated.

You can “Like”   the Dallas Alumni Chapter on Facebook to keep up with messages and events. Type it in within Facebook, or click on Members can post their own performances there as well.


September: Celebrating a New Season

We met on Saturday September 10 at Chimneyhill Clubhouse for an excellent potluck lunch and interesting speaker. Tena Hehn introduced Rev. Charles R. Moore, the recently retired director of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, who gave an informative and witty talk on the history and focus of the orchestra, which is of a very high quality. GDYO comprises 5 orchestras, a wind symphony, 6 jazz combos and a flute choir and draws students from all over the North Texas area. Several Dallas Alumni members either performed in the GDYO or had students who performed.

Ashley Bouras presented the following awards: Sandra McMillen for SERV hours, Mary Williams for outstanding newsletter and yearbook, our Chapter for outstanding chapter in South Central Province, and again for reaching fourth place in the Circle of Winners.

She reminded us of our goals for the year:
1) focus on reaching out to younger alumni who are recent graduates
2) participation in the Concert Series, which is our chapter obligation;
3) initiation of fundraising to maintain our scholarship level;
4) making our Concert Series presence known downtown;
5) generation of publicity by outdoor performances.

To honor our Year of Celebration, Tena concluded the program by reminding us of two important anniversaries to celebrate: 50 years of Star Trek, and Elvis Presley's Ed Sullivan Show debut.

October: Celebrating Fall

We met on Monday 0ctober 10 at the home of Sylvia Taylor where we enjoyed some two-piano music from Tena Hehn and Nancy Laine (left) and Sylvia Lerch (right).

The meeting featured Beethoven:
Sonata, Op. 2 No. 1, Adagio – Sylvia Taylor, piano
Sonata for 4 Hands, Op. 6 – Tena Hehn and Nancy Laine, duo piano

– Anniversary recollections, including birth of Robert Shaw in 1916 – Tena Hehn

Thanks to our hostess and co-hosts for some great goodies.


Guests at the October meeting were Phyllis Wilson’s sister, Donna Welch, visiting from Virginia, and Nancy Laine’s mother, Martha. For the next meeting Mary Ann Taylor hopes to bring the new Desoto choir director who came to church recently for the first time. She just moved here from Wichita Falls and went to TWU.

Mary Ann Taylor's son DJ Taylor has moved to Chicago where he will be directing band at the University of Chicago Lab School and teaching trombone at Ravinia (the venue, not the festival.) His wife is an actress and already has an understudy role for a Harold Pinter play.

Correct error in last newsletter: Tena Hehn is a 50-year member, not a 60-year member. Sorry Tena! It is correct in the Yearbook.

Jenny Smith has moved. Contact the President or webmaster for her current address and phone.


We have had some wonderful concerts this fall (and a few changes) with two more to go before we finish the fall part of our season. Check our website for bios and programs or late minute changes.

We hope each member will assist at least one Sunday during our 19-concert season. Thanks to Kimla Beasley and Megan Carfa who assisted this fall. Contact Susan Poelchau to volunteer to come - Please share the schedule with your students and friends. Come and hear some great music and support our chapter project. Plan to attend one of our last concerts for fall.

Mu Phi Epsilon and the Dallas Public Library
Sunday Concert Series
Fall 2016

Nov 13 Harp Society presents Katherine Siochi, harp
Nov 20

Nathan Ryland, piano


All concerts are FREE - on Sundays at 3 PM at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library First Floor Auditorium – 1515 Young St, Dallas. Reasonably priced parking is available in the Library garage entered from eastbound Wood Street behind the Library.


Collegiate News

Phi Pxi chapter (Baylor) is moving back to South Central I province. We have been including Baylor in our scholarship offer to schools in the SC2 province. The Board has voted to extend that offer to this chapter for one more year.


Mu Phi Epsilon International
The next international convention will be in Denver - July 27-30, 2017 at the Inverness Hotel & Conference Center, Englewood, Colorado. See the big picture for our fraternity – collegiates and alumni, meet fellow members, hear great concerts, experience the fun and excitement of our triennial convention. Put it on your calendar.

The International Executive Office is now managed by Mark Gehrke.
P.O. Box 1369 | Fort Collins, CO 80522-1369 Phone: 1.888.259.1471

Your 2016-2017 Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Board is:
    Linda Florjancic, President
    Liana Sandin, Vice President
    Eileen Butler Kennedy, Secretary
    Beverly Abegg, Treasurer
    Kristin Jonina Taylor, Board Member
    Sophia Tegart, Board Member
    Rosemary Ames, International Fraternity President


Contact Information
Electronic mail President/ General Information -
Ashley Kimmel:
Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Susan Poelchau:
 Membership - Lisa Beyer:
Programs - Tena Hehn - and Mary Ann Taylor -
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