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The SC2 district conference was held on March 16, 2013 at the UNT College of Music, and had about 80 attendees from 8 schools representing both SC2 and SC3, as well as Dallas Alumni. The conference began with lunch and a keynote address by Jenny Smith entitled "Music of the Spheres: Science as Art" that focused on Albert Einstein's love of music, music's influence on him as a scientist, and the intertwining of music and science education. 

The Phi Tau chapter of UNT, which hosted the conference, ran a 'mock meeting' for all attendees as an example of Robert's Rules and efficient meetings, followed by a discussion panel with questions from all attendees, with participation by the Phi Tau Executive Board, Jenny Smith, and Sandra McMillen. 

Guest lectures were given by Dr. Nathan Kruse on Graduate School options and preparedness and Dr. Daryl Ramsey on interviews and building a solid career foundation. 

There were two work sessions in the afternoon along with tours of the UNT College of Music, and the day was concluded with a recital, with performances by representatives from each of the SC2 attending schools. 

    Sandra McMillen leads workshop

Left: Johnathan Carr, Phi Tau

All attendees then joined hands and sang The Triangle to adjourn. 

Thanks to Jenny Smith for photos.


More Photos

Dakota Reynolds, Phi Tau
holds mock Meeting

Discussion - panel

               Membership Candidates                         Taking a break

Participants in a session

Sam Melnick, directing
Performers from Tarleton and TCU

                                                                  Lunch break

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