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By Phyllis Wilson

The 2014 Mu Phi Epsilon Convention in Sacramento, CA is past, but the memories are close to my heart. I met so many wonderful fraternity sisters and brothers of every age and from many areas of the country. As your business delegate/ Resolutions Committee Chair and current Dallas Alumni president, I am so proud of the Dallas Alumni Chapter and I report with pride the recognitions received.

The Dallas Chapter received:
* Dallas Alumni 4th place Circle of Winners
* Outstanding Alumni Chapter in the South Central Province
* Outstanding Newsletter (kudos to Mary Williams)
* Recognition for Susan Poelchau and Pat Suitt for their 300+ SERV hours

We congratulate Sandra McMillen for her many years of service to Mu Phi Epsilon as she finished her terms as International Second Vice-President/Collegiate Advisor. She has served in so many capacities with enthusiasm and integrity. We are proud to claim her and are extremely excited to announce that Jenny Smith is now the new International Second Vice-President/Collegiate Advisor, a distinguished Dallas Alumni. With Jenny’s election, Ashley Kimmel as taken the full reins as District Director, SC2.

Our own Wynona Lipsett received the Eleanor Hale Wilson-Rosalie V. Speciale Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given in convention years only and honors members who have served the fraternity beyond the local chapter level. Wow! What a chapter! Congratulations to all and certificates will be available for you to see at the September meeting.

This being the 50th Anniversary for the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, the entire convention was full of great performances which put everyone in a celebratory mood. The International Competition featured four outstanding finalists:

 - Yi-Yang Chen and Nicholas Susi, piano;
 - Kyle Hutchins, saxophone (Phi Tau - North Texas); and the winner,
 - Rachel Brandwein, harp

Rachel is also a fine composer and played her own compositions, both in competition and recital. The Mu Phi collegiates and alumni hope to book Rachel for a concert in our area within the next two years. As members of the Dallas Chapter, please give that some thought and we will discuss it at one of our meetings soon.

I will offer other highlights from the convention at our September meeting and will share that opportunity with Tena Hehn, Ashley Kimmel, Sandra McMillen, and Jenny Smith. We will try to keep our entire presentation to 20 minutes.

At our September meeting, we will welcome new members and, also, install a new patron; Jenny’s father, John Smith. New faces provide new energy to our chapter. The September meeting is a great time to invite Mu Phis you know or friends you think would like to become a patron. I encourage you to catch some of that excitement. Join me in working together in music, friendship and harmony to strive for the Dallas Alumni Chapter to receive 1st place in the Winners Circle in 2014-15!!!!

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