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The 2008 International Convention was held in Jacksonville, Florida August 6-9. Our delegate this year was new member, Jenny Smith.

2008 Convention Report
by Jenny Smith

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on all your hard work leading up to the convention. The Dallas Alumni chapter has plenty to be happy about as its convention attending members, Sandra McMillen and Jenny Smith, had many great successes.

Sandra McMillen and  Jenny Smith with Dallas awards

First and foremost, our chapter was selected as the South Central Province Alumni Chapter of the Year! Kudos to all of us for a great year. Thanks to Mary Williams, our newsletter once again won the award for best Alumni Newsletter! Sandra McMillen was once again chosen as the Outstanding District Director of the year, no doubt because of her countless hours and efforts in reactivating chapters at Southern Methodist University and the University of North Texas, as well as her dedication to all other chapters in South Central Province District 2.

Also, our chapter can celebrate having a newly elected member of the International Executive Board. Sandra McMillen was elected 2nd International Vice President (Collegiate Advisor), along with four other new members of the board in a historic election. No doubt she will serve in this position well because of her years of experience as a distinguished District Director.

Wynona Lipsett, Past President swears in Sandra McMillen
as 2nd Vice President - Collegiate Advisor

In addition, because election to the International Executive Board precludes dual service as District Director, Sandra and I have agreed that I, Jenny Smith, along with recently recruited Phi Xi alumni Blair Williams, will now continue her work as South Central 2 Co-District Directors. I am very excited to serve Mu Phi in this role. Furthermore, because of my recent graduation status and immediate affiliation with Dallas Alumni, Wynona Lipsett recommended me to serve on the Standing Membership Committee for the next three years to represent the South Central Province.

I will be giving a detailed report of the convention at our first meeting and look forward to sharing with you my experiences, but I felt that all this good news just couldn’t wait! Thank you so much for choosing me as your delegate!

Mu Phi Love,



Jenny Smith and Dale Griffa, 
outgoing First VP, Extension and District Director at large

Gloria Debatin, Intl Secretary/ Treasurer and Melissa Eddy, Triangle Editor

Past International President Wynona Lipsett (Dallas) and Jenny Smith

President Dr. Fran Irwin and Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith, District Director SC2 (Dallas), Elda Garcia, District Director SC1, and Julie Heller, District Director SC3

Jenny Smith (Dallas Alum), Lee Meyers (Past International President, Austin Alum), and Brittany Peters (Phi Xi, Baylor President)

Sandra McMillen, 2nd Intl VP, and Jordan Johansen, Mu Chi (SMU)

Sandra McMillen leading a meeting of South Central delegates

New International Executive Board (back row): Fran Irwin (President), Jeff Zeiders (4th VP), Gerri Flynn (3rd VP), Sandra McMillen (2nd VP), Doris Braun (1st VP) and Wynona Lipsett presiding.

South Central delegates: Lou Caroline and Carly Allen (UT), Lee Meyers (Past International President, Austin), Martha MacDonald (Past 2nd Intl VP, Austin), Elda Garcia (DD SC1), Audrey Dornbusch (Texas State), April Cervantes (Our Lady of the Lake), Beth Bauman (Texas State), Brittany Peters (Baylor), Jenny Smith (Dallas)


More 2008 Convention News

Winner of the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Competition was Ruslan Biryukov, a cellist from the Los Angeles Alumni. 

There are currently 144 collegiate chapters with charters, but only 82 active chapters. There were 515 new initiates these past 5 years. There were 5 extensions (out of a total of 30 requests), and 9 chapter reactivations. There is a new alumni chapter in Springfield, MO. 

Alumni gave 45,000 SERV hours and collegiate chapters 11,000 hours.

Alumni membership has steadily declined 5% each year, and this is becoming an urgent problem. Younger members typically do not affiliate with an alumni chapter and this trend needs to be reversed. New graduates can affiliate for one year without paying international dues. Alumni chapters are asked to encourage more interaction between Alumni and Collegiate chapters, such as joint events or alumni mentoring – stressing “Mu Phi for Life.” 

Important changes were made to the Bylaws: Music Therapy and Music Education were added to the preamble to recognize these as specific professions supported by Mu Phi. Collegiate dues were raised to $35, and a new method for determining dues was created. Dues will be adjusted (by a vote of the board) by no more than +/-5% of the national cost of living adjustment. Further adjustment of dues would be permitted only after a majority vote of the collegiate chapters. An identical rule was created for Alumni member dues.

Debt from the 2003 Convention has been restructured into a low interest loan payment which will be completely paid off by the 2011 Convention. There will be no debt from the 2008 convention.

The Triangle will now be published four times a year, but may not be distributed by mail each time. This is primarily to lower costs by seeking more modern distribution methods. Fran Irwin explains:  It was requested to continue publishing four issues per year, but perhaps not mail out four issues. The intent is to maybe publish a summer issue that may or may not be mailed, but would be emailed to all members. The reason is that collegiates are not in school, most of the time they are not at their home address either. So distribution of the summer issue is a problem. We may continue mailing all four issues, but this way there is a little leeway to sometimes not distribute by postal mail - it does not restrict the Fraternity, as the former rule did.

See the Article  No “Shrinking Violets”! by Kurt-Alexander Zeller - August 1, 2008
on the Conventions page.


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