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The triennial convention held in San Antonio Aug 2-5, 2001 was fun and hot. The Fraternity and the San Antonio club did an outstanding job in organizing the event, held at Trinity University, with excursions to a carillon concert and the Riverwalk.
Dallasites were prominent in this year’s convention. International President, Wynona Lipsett (left), demonstrated her ability and poise throughout the convention, here with Nancy Laine, formerly of Dallas, and Conference Liaison and Alumni Chapter President of San Antonio.

Patty Crenshaw (right) presented her comedy show to an appreciative audience.


Attending from Dallas were (from bottom step up):
Sandra McMillen (District Director for the SC2 district), Mary Williams, Katherine Freidberger, Sylvia Taylor Lerch, Nancy Laine, Cynthia Wadley and Kay Newman. Cynthia, Kay and Sylvia were honored at a luncheon for 50-year members.

Claudia Jameson was a soloist in the choir concert that performed Katie Freiberger’s Short Settings from the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam.

Katie Freiberger received Elizabeth Mathias Award
Our business delegate, Sylvia Lerch, was a member of the Finance Committee, one of four standing committees.

Former Dallas members attending were Nancy Laine of San Antonio and Barbara Harris Polomé of Austin (center below, whose three daughters performed), and Karolyn Hays who now lives in Clovis, NM.

The Harris family


Just the Facts

264 people registered
101 delegates
This board, elected three years ago, will serve two more years – until the Centennial Celebration in 2003
There are 136 chartered collegiate chapters
There are 87 active chapters
There are 42,241 members, including 1402 collegiate members
There are 63 active alumni chapters
45% of members are on e-mail

Some of the Awards

International Competition winner – violinist Jorge Avila (He will be performing across the nation for the next two years, hosted by Mu Phi chapters.)

2001 Elizabeth Mathias Award: Katherine Freiberger (Dallas), Bettye Krolick
(Denver) and Ann Davis (Washington, D.C.)
Alumni Chapter of the Year: Denver
Best newsletter: Sacramento
Best yearbook: Denver
Best website: Dallas
Service/Volunteer hours: Dallas was among several chapters that received an award. We averaged 16.8 hours of service per member. (Other chapters average as much as 100 hours per member.) Start now keeping track of your service/volunteer hours to report in May. We may very well not have reported everything that our members do. More guidelines in the next issue.


Convention Issues

The Fraternity is experiencing lower income for operations and conventions that will make it difficult to fund the convention in 2003. This is due to:
  • Fewer collegiates becoming members
  • Fewer alumni and aging of the alumni chapters with few collegiates affiliating with alumni chapters; fewer chapters and fewer members
  • 260 Emeritus members (over 80 years old) who do not pay dues
  • Rising costs for printing and mailing of The Triangle
  • Decrease in value of investments due to poor stock market
  • The next convention in two years rather than in three years, reducing the time available to raise money for convention expenses (Note: all delegate fees are now paid by Mu Phi)
  • Life subscriptions to The Triangle; members who purchased life subscriptions
    long ago have gotten their money’s worth from the subscription and presently receive their magazines free
Resolutions and Decisions

Amendments to the International By-laws were proposed that would raise dues and lower expenses paid to delegates for conventions. The full text of the changes will appear in the next Triangle.

The delegates passed resolutions calling for a $2 increase in collegiate dues (from $23 to $25) and an increase of alumni dues $7 (from $35 to $42 for regular members; from $25 to $32 for life subscription members. Please add $7 to the dues notice you received.

They also passed an amendment that reduces expenses paid for collegiates from all lunches and dinners to “certain” lunches and dinners. Other delegates will receive travel expenses, but will be responsible for their own registration, housing and meals. Both resolutions contained the phrase, “This is not to prohibit the fraternity from paying some of these expenses at its discretion.” The intent is for the Fraternity to pay as much of the delegates’ expenses as it is able without binding it to an untenable position.

An additional resolution was sent to the Standing Rules Committee for further consideration that would establish an Annual Giving Campaign for contributions by chapters and individuals to the general fund.

A misunderstanding by many chapters about Emeritus status was clarified. The original change to the by-laws states that Emeritus member MAY ELECT not to pay dues. This was put in place so that older members who could not afford to remain members would do so. Many chapters began sending notices to Emeritus members that their balance was $0, so these members have not been paying. The original intent was to lessen hardship. So if you are over 80, you are not required to pay dues. But if you are able to do so, be advised that Mu Phi Epsilon needs your dues.


Centennial Project

You will be hearing lots about our next convention to be held from August 6 – 11, 2003. Mark your calendar now to attend this once in a lifetime event: the 100th anniversary of the founding of Mu Phi Epsilon. It will take place at the downtown Hyatt hotel in its original home city – Cincinnati, Ohio.

A work for orchestra and chorus by Dr. Crawford Gates is being commissioned and performances of all kinds are planned, including community outreach programs. If you would like to participate as a performer in the orchestra or chorus or in any other way, watch for information in The Triangle. You will receive music in time to prepare. Convention Chairperson is Dawn Neal who exudes energy, enthusiasm and excellence when discussing this event.


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