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Dallas Chapter

Please provide the President or Membership Chairperson with your contact information if you are interested in attending our meetings. 

New officers were elected and installed at the April 2018 meeting:

President: Nancy Laine -

Vice-President and Membership: Lisa Beyer -

Treasurer: Sandra McMillen -

Recording Secretary: Susan Poelchau -

Corresponding Secretary/Sunshine: Frances Estes

Chorister and Program Chair: Claudia Jameson - cnavjameson@! with Kimla Beasley -, Susan Poelchau - (program committee)

Chaplain: Pat Suitt -

Steward: Kary Caboose -

Historian/Yearbook/Newsletter: Mary Williams -

Concert Series: Susan Poelchau -

For scholarships available locally and internationally, see Scholarships, or contact
Chairperson Ashley Bouras -

For comments on or corrections to the website, contact the Webmaster:
Mary Williams -

Patrons: Pat Hill -

Jenny Smith -
Send SERV hours to: Jenny Smith - by May 15.

Mu Phi Epsilon International

For information about Mu Phi Epsilon International and chapters in other locations, contact our website or office:

International webpage:

International Executive Office (IEO)
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: IEO - Lane Velayo

The new IEO address is:
Mu Phi Epsilon
1611 Country Rd B West, #320
St. Paul, MN 55113

To make a donation to the Scholarship or Concert Series of the Dallas chapter that you can claim as a tax deduction, send your check and the completed Chapter Donation Pass-Through Form to member Sandra McMillen specifying where you want your donation to go. Our international organization is a 501 c3 organization. She will forward it to the IEO office (above). Your contribution will then be passed on to the Dallas chapter. We receive these funds back for our projects and you get a tax deduction. Your statement is mailed to you at the end of the year. If your gift is less than $200, your cancelled check serves as your IRS deduction documentation.

International Officers for 2017-2020:

President: Rosemary Ames -

First Vice President Extension Officer: Julia Scherer -
Second Vice President Collegiate Adviser: Jenny Smith -
Third Vice President Alumni Adviser: Marcus Wyche -

Fourth Vice President Music Adviser: Rebecca Sorley -
Fifth Vice President Eligibility Adviser: Terrel Kent -
Editor The Triangle: Melissa Eddy -

Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation

Scholarships and awards -

Contact Information
Electronic mail / President / General Information - Nancy Laine:
Website - Mary Williams:
Concert Series - Susan Poelchau:
VP/Membership - Lisa Beyer:
Programs - Kimla Beasley:;
Susan Poelchau:; Claudia Jameson:

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